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Floyd Mayweather Drops "Fortune" at Gucci

Floyd Mayweather aint phased by the Gucci blackface scandal …TMZ caught him walkin’ into Gucci yesterday getting ready to spend an obscene amount of money...which he did...although no word exactly how much he spent but it was described as a “fortune.”

New Jay Z and Rihanna Collab on the Way?

Of course when two artists are seen at what's being described as a "business lunch," everyone's gonna start talking.   The two were spotted together Wednesday at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air so they MUST be workin' on new music right? That's what everyone is speculating. We do know Rihanna is working on an album that'll be out…

Gucci Apologizes for Selling 'Blackface' Sweater

Gucci has issued an apology for selling an item criticized as racist. The "wool balaclava jumper" was being sold for $890 and was a black sweater that could be pulled up over your face. The sweater included bright red lips ringing an opening for the mouth, a detail widely denounced on social media as evoking blackface…

Patrick Chung Goes After Rams Executive Who Mocked His Injury

Patrick Chung just got into it with the Rams organization after breaking his arm in the Superbowl. Chung posted screen shots of a text conversation between he and Matt Hogan (apparently an account executive in ticket sales) that started with Hogan calling him a "b**ch" Check out the conversation below:

Joshua Trump is Ramiro's Spirit Animal

One person who stole the State of the Union speech last night was Joshua Trump. No relation to the President. He was there because he was invited by Melania Trump because he's been bullied for having the same last name as President Trump.  Well, he ended up becoming a viral sensation for another reason. Check out…

"Jude-a-men Entemanns" is a Beast!

Comedian Shiggy had a lot to say about last night's Superbowl victory.  He even gave a lot of props to our very own Julian Edelman...or is it Jude-a-men Entemans? Check out his hilarious IG post.