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Want Free Hot Dogs For Life? Get This Tattoo

Love hot dogs? You can get FREE hot dogs for life. Of course there's a catch. You need to get a special tattoo. Tell me more So the Silhouette Lounge in Allston is looking to get the word out about their new Sil Dogs menu. They came up with the idea of offering free hot dogs for life for anyone who gets a permanent tattoo with any Sil's branding on it. What does that mean? A follower on Instagram asked that question and they said anything Sil related. So it could be a logo, their name, or even their special artwork. A rat drinking a beer with Silhouette Lounge under it. That would be this... So yeah, you can get something simple like the name, or the logo... Or you can go all out and get the rat drinking a beer! According to DIG Boston, “After the Sil reopened in February, an employee created a funny sticker featuring the rat. Months passed and one day, a guest came in to showcase her freshly-tattooed forearm featuring part of the sticker. This dedication inspired the Sil’s management to launch this ‘Free Hot Dogs for Life’ initiative.” What's up with the free hot dogs? Apparently, it's pretty straight forward. Anyone who gets Sil's-related tattoo will get one free hot dog per visit for life. Sil's says that if there's high demand, if they run out when you go in, they'll make it up to you the next time you visit. You'll get two! Happy inking! Enjoy the hot dogs!  

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