Home Depot Halloween Is Already Here 7 Months Early

Home Depot Halloween? Already? It's the first day of spring. We're barely seeing crocuses and  and already Home Depot is decking the halls with Halloween décor. Yup, you heard me right. Home Depot Halloween in March! They're not just dipping their toes in, either. Home Depot is diving headfirst into the spooky season, showcasing their latest and greatest Halloween goodies. We're talking a 12-foot skeleton that's supposedly even better than last year's model, plus some seriously creepy new additions. This latest version of Skelly is also said to be “new and improved,” with eight additional settings for his LCD eyes, according to a Home Depot product sheet shared with Nexstar. As announced on Instagram last week, Skelly will have new a “companion” available for purchase, too: a 5-foot “Skeleton Dog” with similar LCD eyes. A spokesperson for Home Depot spilled the beans, saying this is the earliest they've ever unleashed their Halloween lineup. They claim it's all for the die-hard Halloween fans out there, who apparently can't wait a second longer to start planning their haunted house displays. “This is the earliest we have ever announced any of our Halloween products. We wanted to share what is coming for our Halloween superfans,” a Home Depot spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement. “Decorating for Halloween is a yearlong journey to find the best décor and plan their expansive displays for the spookiest time of the year.” Listen, I love a holiday and I totally dismissed Thanksgiving this year to create a Barbie/Candy Land Christmas early this year. So I hear you. But this might be a bit much. Even for me. We haven't even dusted off our spring cleaning supplies, and already we're being bombarded with witches' hats and fake cobwebs. Remember when Christmas decorations used to pop up right after Labor Day? Well, now it seems like every holiday is clamoring for attention earlier and earlier each year. It's like the retail world is stuck on fast-forward. Why the hurry? How about some Easter goodies or maybe some springtime décor? Let's give each holiday its moment in the spotlight before we start jumping ahead to the next one. But hey, if you're a Home Depot Halloween fanatic who just can't wait, then I guess it's time to dust off your broomstick and get ready to trick-or-treat. After all, who needs spring when you've got ghosts and goblins to attend to.  

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