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Boston Rats Getting Bold – Watch One Run Up A Man’s Leg in the Seaport

Are you a fan of rats? You may not want to watch this video if you're not. Imagine seeing a rat and taking out your phone to document it, only to find it crawling up your leg. That's exactly what just happened to a man in the Seaport. The man's name is David Gomez and he's from East Boston. He explained that he was enjoying a night out with friends in the Seaport when he saw a rat. When took out his phone to take a video, the rat tried to crawl up his leg. Kudos to David for not freaking out. He took the encounter very well. The video was posted on the "Caught in Southie" IG page where they captioned it "Eeeek!!!! Oh no big deal! Just a rat climbing up someone’s leg in Fort Point! Yikes! #southie #southboston #caughtinsouthie." Unfortunately, this incident is one of several that describe a rise in rodent infestations around the city of Boston. Earlier this year, Boston was voted one of the rattiest cities in the entire country (keep scrolling to see where it landed). Apparently there is a database called 311 service request database which keeps track of these types of complaints and when it comes to rats,  there has been upwards of 3,900 rodent-related complaints received in 2023 alone. Gomez told NBC 10 Boston "I was just chilling, I don't know. Yeah, my friends were like, 'Why were you so calm?' and I was like, 'I don’t know.  I thought it was funny because I had never seen something like that happen before. So, my reaction was to pull out my phone and make a funny video." Boston is indeed one of the rattiest cities in the country, but it's not THE rattiest. Find out where it lands below.  

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