Every Market Basket in Massachusetts Ranked From Best to Worst According to Customers

"From the Basket to the Casket." It's a catchy saying many in Massachusetts use to profess their love of Market Basket. Since moving to Waltham I have fallen in love with Market Basket. And although sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed when walking into the Waltham Market Basket due to the high traffic, I appreciate the cleanliness and overall quality of the store - and I love their prices (sometimes). I have come to understand why Market Basket isn't just a grocery store, it's a way of life. So I decided to put my research hat on and find out which locations are most loved by customers and which locations aren't feeling as much love. I did this by crunching over 73,000 Google reviews. Each Market Basket could score as high as 5.0. I'll let you know how each scored and how many reviews have come in for each location as well. If the score is a tie, I'll give the nod to the location that has the most reviews. So here you go - Every Market Basket in Massachusetts Ranked from worst to first! Let's go!

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