How To Score Tickets To The Tom Brady Patriots Hall Of Fame Celebration

If you're like me, you can never get enough of Tom Brady. It was an unpopular opinion, but I wanted him to win even when he went to Tampa Bay. I want to hear all about his fitness side hustles. And even wanted to book a flight on Delta when he announced his deal with the airline to be their strategic advisor. I don't even completely know what that means, but I'm here for it. And we did get some more good news about Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame ceremony. Tom's return to Gillette Stadium Over the weekend, Tom was honored at Gillette Stadium. A fact you would know unless you were living under a rock. The celebration leading up to the celebration was weeks in the making. During the ceremony, I got a little choked up as Tom ran out of the tunnel and onto the field. It was also pretty emotional when he said, "One thing that will never change: I am a Patriot for life! Thank you guys for an incredible day. Thank you to my teammates, my family, my friends, my second family, and all of you guys for making it another day in this stadium I’ll never forget. I love you guys so much and I’ll see you again next summer.” Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame What's this next summer he's talking about? Well, during the ceremony, Robert Kraft announced that the team would be waiving the four-year waiting period, and will induct Brady into the Patriots Hall of Fame next summer. Kraft also said that for the first time, the team will host the Hall of Fame ceremony at Gillette Stadium. He wants to be able to pack in as many fans as possible. How can I get tickets to the Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame ceremony? On June 12, 2024 Tom Brady will be the 35th person inducted into the Pats Hall of Fame, and yes you can be there! So they will be selling tickets, with season ticket holders getting first priority. More details about buying tickets will be released later this year. But right now, they're holding a sweepstakes to win two tickets. If you want to enter, all you have to do is fill out the form HERE. Why I want to see TB12 get inducted into the Patriots HOF. The fact that I even need to list any reason as to why I’d like to be there is ridiculous. In my opinion, everyone should get that day off to celebrate what we were blessed to witness. 20 YEARS of History. 20 Years of winning. 20 years of knowing that we were a Super Bowl favorite. Not hoping. Not wishing. Knowing. Because of ONE guy…. For some people those 20 years were all they know, for others it was redemption after years of suffering. Either way it was a glorious time that pretty much only happened in Sports back in the day, when the 4 major sports only had like 6 teams per league with the same dudes on the same teams every year, which pretty much guaranteed that you were gonna either win again, or suck again. And again, let me stress that this was because of ONE player. That’s not supposed to happen! And I GUARANTEE that it won’t happen again. So if anyone has the audacity to ask that question out loud, let me ask you this: Who would you place above Tom Brady as far as Boston athletes that gave you this much joy for this much time?? Go ahead, I’ll wait….

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