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The Top 10 Most Expensive Summer Tours of 2024 are Amusing

The list is out. The Top 10 most expensive summer tours of 2024 have been tallied. See where your fave artists land on the list. Maybe "amusing" isn't the right word here? Or maybe it is. Because I'm amused that people are paying top dollar to see this guy, in particular. But hey, that's just me and my musical taste. And my penchant for being judgy. I'll say this, too. I'm happy that, of the 10 artists on this list, only 2 of them are artists we play on ROCK 92.9. And they're the type of artists you'd expect to pay a few bucks to see. Otherwise, I guess rock is a bit more affordable these days? Most Expensive Summer Tours: 2024 Overview Earlier this year, we looked at the Top 10 most expensive tours of 2024. You can review that here. Four of the artists on that list pop up on this one, albeit in different spots, as they are all acts who've extended their tour dates into the summer. Interesting to note, though, that the median ticket prices for the top 2 artists on the 2024 list are more expensive than the median ticket prices for the top artist on the summer 2024 list. So maybe those ticket prices are starting to creep down a bit? Most Expensive Summer Tours: Top 10 for 2024 One more thing. On the subject of insanely high ticket prices, we're doing our part to save you some money. ROCK 92.9's Summer of Rock is underway, and we have tickets for you to win to some of the season's biggest shows. Details here. So on with the show, and on with the list. Thanks to Gametime for supplying the stats. Visit them here for more information on concert tickets and the most expensive summer tours.