Massachusetts DoorDash Driver Follows GPS into Swamp – Dunkin’ Delivery Late & Swampy

If you're GPS tells you to drive your car into a large body of water, don't! Hopefully that opening sentence helps somebody because we have another case of drivers believing their GPS more than they believe their own eyes. A DoorDash driver was delivering a Dunkin' order and some cigarettes in Middleton, MA when *KERPLUNK* into the swamp they drove! Middleton Police Department received a call on Friday (September 22nd) saying a car had driven into a body of water in the Middleton Woods. When they got there they found a car dunked into a swamp like the Dunkin' order it was carrying was intended to be dunked into a nice hot cup of coffee upon delivery. The unfortunate DoorDash driver was following their GPS to the delivery site when they ended up on a very unpaved dirt road. A bit sketched out, they continued to trust in the GPS and pushed forward. We know the rest. And in case you forgot, they drove their car into a swamp in the woods and got stuck. The DoorDash driver will be charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle so let this be a lesson to us all - trust your eyes more than your GPS. I really feel like Massachusetts is temporarily the new Florida. Did you see the story about the guy busted for running a dentist office out of a convenience store in Massachusetts? Oh and speaking of Dunkin', surprisingly it isn't Massachusetts favorite national brand. (I find that very hard to believe.) Curious what our favorite national brand is in the Bay State? Qualtrics Research commissioned the study which looked at over 2 million tweets about brands from each state, using an A.I. sentiment analysis tool to figure out which national brands are talked about most favorably in their home state. [select-listicle listicle_id="1098281" syndication_name="massachusetts-most-loved-national-brand-from-massachusetts-isnt-dunkin" description="no"]

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