VIDEO: Car Swallowed By Sinkhole in Leominster, State of Emergency Declared

There will be more rain in Leominster today, which is making the threat of more flooding and sinkholes very likely. Over the past couple of days, there have been numerous sinkholes and road closures in the Leominster area that has gotten national attention. Because of the massive sinkholes and the chance for more rain today, Gov. Maura Healey issued a state of emergency across the commonwealth Tuesday night. According to the Governor: "Today I saw firsthand the devastating impacts of severe flooding in Leominster and North Attleborough – and it was painfully clear that Massachusetts is in a state of emergency.  This declaration will expedite our efforts to deliver relief to impacted communities and bolster our ability to access federal resources." The Mayor of Leominster, Dean Mazzarella, canceled schools in Leominster once again today, Wednesday. Melissa from The Getup Crew on Hot 96.9FM has a mother and brother who both live in Leominster and shared a video and photo of the devastation from their areas of the city.  It truly is heartbreaking and we want to reiterate that if anyone needs assistance in the area, contact MEMA.   There are also still numerous road closures in Leominster and those are posted HERE.  In regards to the video from the cars that were swallowed by some of the sinkholes, you can see that below. VIDEO: Sinkhole in Leominster Neighborhood https://vimeo.com/863989185?share=copy Keep scrolling to see other first hand eyewitness reports from the devastation in Leominster. Keep in mind that today, Wednesday, there is anticipated rain and thunderstorms set to come throughout the day. So do not leave your homes if you do not have to. Also remember, if there is a puddle, DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH IT. And remember, if you need any emergency assistance to reach out to MEMA or the local police department. Stay safe our Leominster friends!

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