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Hot 96.9 Boston can customize a plan to meet your marketing goals within your budget. Opportunities include: Event Marketing, Lead Generation through Database marketing, Commercial Production, Personalized Testimonials or Endorsements from our DJs, Events at your location(s), Social Media and Customized Integrated Marketing plans, built to reach your target consumer.

Did you know?

  • Hot 96.9 Boston reaches nearly 1 million people every week on the air.
  • Hot 96.9 Boston listeners are homeowners and families with children who are on average 5-12 years old. Our listeners lead active, on the go lifestyles. They are educated people in the age of upgrades. They are customers that have the need and money to use your service or buy your products.
  • Customized campaigns can be created to meet most any marketing budget.

Please call or email us today and you’ll hear back from us to discuss ideas and solutions within 24 hours. Call with questions to Bob Price @ 617-921-8772. Or feel free to email Bob Price with your inquiries and we’ll connect you with one of our experienced and highly skilled marketing professionals.