Get Paid with the $96K 4-Play Online

Every weekday, your music knowledge gets you paid with HOT 96.9's $96K 4-Play!

Be the first to correctly identify the exact title of the 4 songs in the current 4-Play, in order, and win! Guess incorrectly and the jackpot increases!

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Listen for the cue to call every weekday at 8:05a, 12:05p, and 5:05p.
  2. Caller 10 to 617-288-1969 gets to identify the songs featured in the $96K 4-Play
  3. Songs must be given with the EXACT song title and in the order they were played
  4. Get them all correct and instantly win the money in the jackpot!  Get them wrong and the jackpot increases!

If the caller does answer correctly (exact song titles and in-order in which they are featured in the 4-Play), a new 4-Play will be featuring at the next contest time.  If the caller is unable to answer correctly they will be disqualified and the same 4-Play will be featured during the next contest time.

We're handing out $96K only on Boston's #1 for Music, Money and Fun - HOT 96.9!!