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Voices with Pebbles: Winning Entry for 2018 Gracie Award

Momma we made it! So excited for our show VOICES to be honored by The Gracies for Public Affairs - Local. So grateful to all our guests who have inspired and challenged and moved us with their stories. Thank you to VOICES Producer Leroy for working so hard on the show and sharing the vision. And thank you to The Alliance for Women in Media!

Gracies Submission – 2018

Hello I’m Pebbles and welcome to Voices, conversations with people with fascinating stories, those with creative voices, people inspiring others with their voice, or are using their voice to make a difference. I am honored to introduce you to three incredible women with powerful voices in their respective fields.  One, helping women change how they see their bodies, another making her mark in a male dominated field, and the third helping girls and young women use the power of media for positive change.

First is Jessamyn Stanley. Jessamyn is a yoga teacher, body positivity activist and writer. Her growing social media following is full of fans who are inspired by her confidence, self-acceptance, and for living life unapologetically.  Our conversation about her new book Every Body Yoga, use of the word fat, and letting go of fear left me feeling inspired to dust off my yoga mat.

Next up is Kristen Kish. Kristen was the winner of Top Chef Season 10. She went on to host the travel show 36 Hours, released her first cookbook this past October and has been featured on NBC’s Asian America Presents series. She was also featured as one of Buzzfeed’s Out and Proud LGBT Leaders of the Food Industry.

And finally, I’m excited to introduce you to Michelle Cove. Michelle is an author, filmmaker, public speaker, and the founder and executive director of MEDIAGIRLS, an organization whose mission is to teach girls and young women to discover their self-worth, and use social media to speak up for their beliefs.

Michelle is using her voice to help girls and women find and use theirs.

Voices is produced by Leroy Irvin. I’m Pebbles and thank you so much for listening.