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Join Ramiro At MEDIAGIRLS' "Fathering in the Screen Age" Panel Discussion - Sunday, Jan 28

Join HOT 96.9's Ramiro for a candid discussion about fathering for dads, guardians, wives, and mentors!

It can be challenging for even the most involved dads and guardians to stay close to their girls during preteen and teen years. Mood swings and hormones kick in; girls crave more private time; and now there is the constant lure of screens to contend with too. How can dads stay close? And how can they boost their daughters' confidence as media inundates girls with sexist messages?

Discussions will include:​

  • How can dads help girls resist media's message that self-worth comes from sex appeal?
  • What can you do to encourage her to use her social media in more positive ways?
  • What kind of guidelines can you set for more quality time with her?
  • How can you respond when she shares media that is off-putting, boring, or worse?


  • Ramiro Torres
  • Phil Lipof, Emmy award-winning NBC Anchor
  • Setti Warren, two-term Mayor of Newton, MA, and current Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Governor.
  • John Baldament, the Director of Programming for The Fatherhood Project
  • Matt Cooney, Executive Director of The Brookline Teen Center


MEDIAGIRLS teaches middle-school girls and young women how to harness the power of media for positive change. 

We do this by showing girls and young women how to use social media to share their authentic selves, post positive content, develop their critical thinking, and take a stand on meaningful issues.​ Our program focuses on a topic that resonates deeply with numerous girls and young women: the inundation of sexist and undermining messages by mainstream media. By learning how to think critically and strike back against this problem, girls develop the skills, practice and confidence to advocate for any causes they deem important.


January 28
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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