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A new survey came out by smarTours that said that almost two-thirds (62%) of the almost 1,500 women questioned are willing to travel alone for pleasure. Also, more than half of married women are willing to travel alone. For me, single or with someone, I NEED to travel alone. I actually prefer it. No one else’s schedule to check, doing only what YOU want to do, the freedom, you learn so much about yourself, you can be selfish with no judgement, you get out of your comfort zone. I could go on and on.

I’ve traveled in the United States by myself many times, but my first trip out of the country by myself was in 2015 when I took a trip to Amsterdam. Since then, I’ve been to Hong Kong and Barcelona on solo trips. I can’t recommend traveling solo enough. Those experiences helped me to grow in ways I didn’t expect and appreciate so much. Every time I do travel alone I do have that initial internal panic when I get off the plane in another country, but then I grab my bag, figure out where I’m going, and head to my hotel.

Just wanted to share some pictures from my trips and hopefully it’ll encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and travel solo, even if you start by just going to a close town you’ve never been to.

Happy Traveling!