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Celebrating after "she said yes!"

Nothing like being a witness to a Boston proposal. Saturday was such a beautiful day weather-wise, and when the weather is nice, my wife and I love to head out and go for a walk and enjoy the day. One of our go-tos for that scenario is to head to the Boston Seaport.

The Boston Seaport always has something going on. They have random pop-up shops, great restaurants, and one of my personal favorite activities, people-watching.

While I was people-watching, Nicole noticed something else. There was lighting. There was a cameraman. There was a drone in the sky. And there were a bunch of people dressed-up and looking fabulous, and trying not to be seen. Nicole figured out that there was a surprise Boston proposal about to happen. And get filmed. Of course, since it’s 2023, we decided to watch it happen and film the filming.

I actually got so invested that when it finally happened, my wife had to physically restrain me from running over and congratulating my newly-engaged “friends.”