This season, Ramiro, Pebbles & Melissa are looking to help those in need.  We received hundreds of incredibly worthy nominations for help which highlights the true need in our community during this season of caring and giving.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a family member, friend or neighbor or to simply tell us their own story.

We’ve narrowed our search and soon, Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa will show up at someone’s door when HOT Helps For The Holidays!

We’ll be helping some brothers have a brighter Christmas this year.

• Family of 3 boys
• Ages 7 – 12
• Living with a different family member due to a parent’s death

If you want to donate – we are looking for everything from gift cards to holiday decorations – please send an email to and let us know how you can help.

• Clothing (jackets, cold-weather items, etc.)
• Toys/Games
• Books
• School Supplies
• Sports gear
• Grocery gift cards
• Target/Walmart gift cards
• Gas gift cards
• Tree, décor
• Money for bills
• TVs
• Game console
• Anything for the adult living in the house (clothes, etc)

Donations will be accepted at the HOT 96.9 Studios located at 55 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125 Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 5:30pm *(excluding Thanksgiving Day)