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I am OBSESSED with K-dramas! Short for Korean dramas, they have become my go-to binge. It’s been months since I’ve watched a show in English. They are addicting, and it was truly love at first watch for me that started with The King’s Affection. There are so many different types, but my personal favorites are romance and historical. There’s also: fantasy, action, medical, legal, school, business, and even horror.

There are so many things I love about them. Many of them have slow-burning romance that I adore. If you’re expecting big sex scenes, you won’t get that here. And I have to say, I find it refreshing. I also love the storytelling. In my experience, what starts as what you think is a silly drama, turns out to have several deep and important issues throughout. Also, you will see some of the most incredible acting that you’ve ever seen. Can you feel my obsession?

Here you go…10 K-dramas you can stream right now. Welcome to the addiction!

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen Squid Game. I haven’t because I think it’s a little too much for me, but it’s popularity has it back for a second season. Check out all the info on Squid Game Season 2.

After you check my list out, you can check out these recommendations based on what you already like.


  • The Kings Affection

    The Cast of The King's Affection

    What I loved: The cast is incredible, especially Park Eun-Bin, who plays a twin sister named Dam-i, whose brother dies, and she’s forced to take his place as the Crown Prince. The love story between Dami-i and Ji-un, played by the adorable Rowoon, is sweet and heartbreaking and beautiful all in one. Because of their love story, I was able to get through a lot of the violence, and there’s A LOT of it. I love this show so much, I’ve already watched the 20, 1hour+ episodes, at least 7 times.

    I know a lot of people don’t like subtitles, but if you can, PLEASE don’t watch it with the English dubbing. It’s horrible and not the same experience. Trust me. The King’s Affection is streaming on Netflix.

  • One Spring Night

    One Spring Night promo poster

    Jung Hae-In is now one of my favorite actors and this movie is one of the reasons. He plays a pharmacist single father who meets a librarian when she comes in his store for a hangover. He’s pretty much given up on relationships, and she’s in a pretty crappy relationship. What I loved: It had my emotions all over the place, the two main characters have such great chemistry, the music is very fitting, and there’s a lot of eating! Streaming on Netflix.

  • Something in the Rain

    Something in the rain movie poster

    What I loved: My fav Jung Hae-In is back in the series about a single career woman who falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother. She’s 35 and he’s in his 20’s. I don’t think they ever tell us how old he is. Love the chemistry, again lots of food, and I appreciated the storyline addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Check out the trailer/episodes on Netflix.

  • Jung Hae In's Travel Log

    Jung Hae-In's Travel Log show poster

    What I loved: By now, you understand my borderline obsession with Jung Hae-In, and while this isn’t a k-drama, it’s too good to not to tell you about. In this show, Hae-In shows his venture into creating and hosting a travel documentary. He choses New York City as his destination and seeing his face light up as he works his way through the city is just so heartwarming. He also has two of his best friends join him on his adventure, and watching them together is so sweet. You can stream the show on Rakuten Viki, or for free on Kocowa.

    Here’s the first episode if you want to check it out.

  • The Red Sleeve

    What I loved: I really do like the historical dramas, and while The King’s Affection will always be my favorite, this one was pretty good too. It’s about a Crown Prince who falls in love with a court lady. When he becomes King, he wants her to become his Royal Concubine, and she’s not having it. God, this sounds horrible when I put it like that, but since I love, love, it worked for me. The Red Sleeve is streaming free on Rakuten Viki.

  • Piece of Your Mind

    What I loved: Jung Hae-In. I know, again. Interesting story where he plays an AI Programmer who has a crush on his childhood friend, even though she’s now married. He then meets a sound engineer who falls in love with him. It might feel slow for a lot of people, but I have to say that I find the slow burn pretty refreshing. I also love the cast of characters living at the boarding house. Streaming on Rakuten Viki and Apple TV.

  • Hot Stove League

    What I loved: The cast of characters in this show is so great! It’s such a fun show that has a Ted Lasso kinda vibe. It’s about the off-season of a baseball team called the Dreams who are at the bottom of the league, and get a new inexperienced General Manager whose job it is to get them back on top. The King’s Affection star Park Eun-Bin is great as the Operations Manager who is super passionate about the team. Such a feel-good show! Streaming on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa.

  • Do You Like Brahms?

    What I loved: I’m not gonna lie, this one is slow. Like slow, slow. Plus there’s classical music that not everyone is into. BUT it’s a really good story about a talented pianist and a late-blooming violinist, that is well-acted and feels almost meditative in its pace. Give it a try. I think it’s worth it. Streaming on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa.

  • Nevertheless

    Ok, I didn’t LOVE this one, but I really liked it. The classic story of two people who are attracted to each other but are both skeptical about love. She’s heartbroken, and he’s a flirt who doesn’t want to commit. Streaming on Netflix.

  • Romance is a Bonus Book

    Promo poster for Romance is a Bonus Book show

    What I loved: I started watching this because I heard that it was similar to the show Younger which I loved. It has some similarities: woman lies on her resume to get a job, older woman/younger man romance, and it’s set in a publishing company. The main character, Kang Dan Yi, plays a divorced, single mother, who is unemployed and struggling. But her positivity is infectious and I enjoyed her a lot. Check out the trailer – streaming on Netflix.