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(073009 Foxboro, MA) QB Tom Brady who hit the lottery with a Victoria's Secret supermodel, threw a pass as the New England Patriots had their first session of training camp at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, July 30, 2009. Staff Photo by Matthew West. (Photo by Matthew West/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Let’s face it, here in New England, we’re all just a little obsessed with Tom Brady. And if we’re being honest, it’s actually over-the-top, full-on, worship. So why not go all-the-way with some Tom Brady Lottery Numbers
Yes, we were heartbroken that Tom left us and went on to win another Super Bowl with another team, but we still loved him. Some of us even secretly cheered him. Like any other long-term relationship, it was hard to let go, and we continue to hang on even now.
In state rankings in 2021, Tom Brady dominated overall merchandise sales by leading in eighteen states. Although that year, Mac Jones was #1 in Massachusetts. Wonder how that’s holding up! Back to Tom, his Tampa Bay Buccaneers No 12 is the most sold NFL jersey of all time. Of all time! I have to say, as a Patriots fan, that does sting a little. How is it not his Patriots jersey?
No one would ever deny that Tom is an extremely hard worker. In a People Magazine article, he talked about his hardworking ethic saying, “Working hard is a very sustainable trait, a part of your character. If you don’t have that, at some point, the talent does wear off,” the seven-time NFL champion shares.
Kliff Kingsbury, who was Tom’s teammate for one year with the Patriots said this about his hard work. “The total commitment, lifestyle, sleep, eat, study, work that he’s put into that, it’s insane,” Kingsbury said. “When I got there, I thought I worked hard, then I watched what he did and put into it and it was on a whole different level. There’s a reason he’s the best there ever was.” (NBC Sports)
So yes, Tom Brady is a hard worker, but we have to believe that he’s been pretty lucky along the way too. So why not tap into some of that luck to try to help us win the lottery? We put together some numbers that have been pretty damn luck for Tom. We hope they bring you some luck too.

  • 3

    This one is easy. Tom Brady has 3 kids. Jack, Ben and Vivian. Jack is from his previous relationship. Ben and Vivian are with his ex wife Gisele. Playing the number 3 in the lottery could also mean the infamous 28-3 comeback vs. the Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

    Tom Brady's Kids: Everything To Know About His 3 Children & Their Moms

    Tom Brady isn't just a legendary athlete: he's a pretty incredible father as well! Learn all about the NFL quarterback's three children.

  • 7

    Another easy one. Tom Brady has 7 Super Bowl wins. 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021.


  • 10

    This corresponds with Tom Brady’s Super Bowl appearances. He’s won 7, lost 3. The three he lost: Giants, Giants, Eagles.

    How Many Times Has Tom Brady Lost The Superbowl | StatMuse

    Tom Brady came up short 3 times in Super Bowls in his career.

  • 12

    Easy one. Tom Brady’s jersey number.

  • 20

    This corresponds with Tom Brady’s seasons with the Patriots. 20 seasons from 2000-2019.

  • 28

    This number corresponds with the 28-3 comeback vs. the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

  • 36

    This one is for Super Bowl 36 in which the Patriots beat the Rams 20-17.

    Patriots 20-17 Rams (Feb 3, 2002) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams NFL game, final score 20-17, from February 3, 2002 on ESPN.

  • 38

    Of course, Super Bowl 38 in which the Patriots beat the Panthers 32-29

    Patriots 32-29 Panthers (Feb 1, 2004) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers NFL game, final score 32-29, from February 1, 2004 on ESPN.

  • 39

    Super Bowl 39 is when the Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21

    Patriots 24-21 Eagles (Feb 6, 2005) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFL game, final score 24-21, from February 6, 2005 on ESPN.

  • 49

    Super Bowl 49 is when the Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24.

    Patriots 28-24 Seahawks (Feb 1, 2015) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL game, final score 28-24, from February 1, 2015 on ESPN.

  • 51

    This refers to Super Bowl 51 in which the Patriots beat Falcons 34-28.

    Patriots 34-28 Falcons (Feb 5, 2017) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL game, final score 34-28, from February 5, 2017 on ESPN.

  • 55

    Tom Brady’s final Super Bowl win. The Buccaneers beat the Chiefs 31-9.

    Buccaneers 31-9 Chiefs (Feb 7, 2021) Final Score - ESPN

    Game summary of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL game, final score 31-9, from February 7, 2021 on ESPN.

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