NEW YORK, NY - MAY 15: Fans cheer as K-Pop group BTS performs in Central Park, May 15, 2019 in New York City. Fans waited in line for days to see the group perform as part of ABC's 'Good Morning America' summer concert series. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Everyone has their own set of resolutions they make for the new year. Always popular are: stopping smoking, cursing, drinking, or to lose weight. It’s all about taking something out of your life. But what if I were to tell you that adding this one resolution to your life will not only be beneficial, but fun as well. You would be in right? That resolution…becoming a fangirl.

I am a new member of ARMY, the official fandom of the South Korean group BTS. And I can officially and unequivocally tell you that becoming ARMY, becoming a fangirl, has given me new life. I’m no longer a 16-year-old girl with posters on my wall. But I have rediscovered that girl and now bingewatch and listen to BTS content like it’s my full-time job. I’ve never felt happier.

What is a fangirl?

I’m sure there are definitive answers to this question out there, but I’m going to default to Billerica native Julie Russell who is the creator of Fangirl Fantasy. Fangirl Fantasy is described as “the ultimate fangirl experience created by a fangirl for a fangirl.”

According to Julie, “A fangirl is someone who is passionate about an artist, group, actor, so on and so on that supports them in every aspect. They are in the top 5% of  the artists fan group.”

What led you to create Fangirl Fantasy?

“I wanted to create a safe space for fangirls to come together to listen to their favorite artists. I have so many friends that I met through concerts and shows but the only time I would ever see them was when a tour came around, I want Fangirl Fantasy to be a place where you can go and hang with your fangirl friends even when your favorite artist isn’t on tour.”

What’s been the biggest highlight for you since you started hosting Fangirl Fantasy events?

“In 2024 we are going on to our third year of being an official partner with the Boston Red Sox which has been so much fun and I can’t believe I can even say that. This past summer we were a partner with the Barbie Movie and had a Barbie Boat Cruise out of the Boston Harbor.”

What is the best thing about being a fangirl?

“The friends I’ve made, the memories, the places I’ve traveled to see my favorite artists. It’s weird to grasp that not everyone has the fangirl gene.”

Thanks Julie for sharing your perspective as the ultimate fangirl. It’s so exciting to see “living your passion” in action.

The next Fangirl Fantasy event coming to Boston is in February.  And will feature a One Direction vs. 5SOS. You can get your tickets HERE.


Lets have the best night ever, Boston ✨

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Now that we know what a fangirl is, let’s dive into the benefits of being one and why becoming a fangirl should be your top 2024 resolution.

  • We all need more JOY in our lives

    How to Create Joy Today: 7 Tips for a Happy Life

    The only thing that really matters at the end of it all is that our lives were filled with joy. Here are 7 ways to create more happiness in your life.

    Life can be incredibly tough, and right now, it seems tougher than ever. World events, things happening right in our own communities, and everyday struggles in our personal lives, are making life more difficult to navigate. We all need more joy in our lives.

    Not only do we need to feel joy, but I believe we need to be more intentional about bringing more joy into our lives. For me, that’s included fangirling over BTS. I’ve been listening to their music, videos, and watching their variety shows. One in particular called In The SOOP, is about them basically glamping in the forest with each other. It is so different from our reality shows filled with drama and chaos. When I tell you, watching these seven members: cook, build model planes, paint, go fishing, play ping pong, and make music have given me so much peace, I am not lying. It’s so relaxing and comforting.

  • It can improve your mental health

    10 Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music

    Music is a popular form of entertainment with many powerful psychological benefits. Discover how listening to music can benefit your mental health and wellness.

    We all know that music can make us feel better, and there’s actual science to back that up. According to the American Psychiatric Association, music can have a profound influence on mood regulations, can address serious mental health and substance use disorders, help with healing trauma, and more. In fact, a study recently came out about the effect of KPOP Music on individuals’ anxiety symptoms and emotional regulation.

    I can attest to this personally as someone who suffers from depression. I’m not going to say that Kpop cures depression, but I will say that FOR ME, listening to Kpop music has significantly helped with my depression symptoms. This includes the Seasonal Affective Disorder that I tend to have this time of year.

    Having music, and an artist to fangirl over, can have positive impact on your mental health. That is, if this is a healthy, not stalkerish, relationship with an artist.


  • Easiest resolution to keep ever!

    Fun Facts About New Year's Resolutions | Life Protect 24/7

    Wondering where the practice of setting New Year's resolutions came from? And what you can do to stick with yours? This information will help.

    Resolutions can be hard to keep. Research shows that only 9% of people who make resolutions, complete them. Most times we make unrealistic resolutions, it involves restricting or removing something from our lives, or there’s a feeling of changing something you consider “bad” about yourself.

    Fangirling is the exact opposite of that which make is so easy. It’s incredibly realistic to resolve to keep loving what you already love. You’re actually adding something to your life. And you’re embracing something that you consider good in yourself. Becoming a fangirl is the easiest resolution you will ever make!

  • It will help you develop a sense of community

    Seven female BTS fans hug one another at a concert with a crowd of fans in the background

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – JUNE 17: Fans of K-pop boy band BTS gather at the Yeouido park during the ‘BTS Festa’ on June 17, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. ‘BTS Festa’ is marking 10 years since the formation of K-pop group BTS. The group is currently on hiatus as band members complete their compulsory military service and plan to reunite in 2025. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

    Being a fangirl will give you an incredible sense of community. While you may not have friends and family in your everyday life that understand you and call you “delulu,” your fangirl community will understand. They will get you, they will support you, and they will make you feel seen. You will have a family of fans who you can relate to and will share your love of a group, artist, etc.

    Case in point for me. The remaining four members of BTS who hadn’t served their mandatory military service just left this week to serve. I, and all ARMY, are incredibly sad about the whole thing and will miss them terribly. BUT, the ARMY community has stepped up. Plans have been organized as to how we can support the group during the next 18 months until we get them all back. There’s talk around mental health, self-improvement, and the best ways to come together while they’re gone. It’s been amazing!

    Find your community. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved.

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