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Father’s Day is almost here so don’t say we didn’t warn you. There are 66 million fathers in the United States just waiting to be celebrated. And while people say that Father’s Day doesn’t get as much love as Mother’s Day, it’s still the fifth-largest card-sending holiday in America. To be fair though, Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-selling holiday. Fun fact about Father’s Day cards – they’re the number one gift for the day with the most popular card being “Dad from Daughter.”

If you’re someone who’s a procrastinator, don’t worry, we got you! Check out 21 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas. There are actually some really great ideas for any type of dad. The golfer dad, grill dad, builder dad, tech dad, and the drink and chill dad.

Just to make it clear, over here, we love and celebrate fathers. Half of our GetUp Crew are fathers, and we see on a daily basis the love and dedication they pour into their children. Honestly, it’s pretty inspiring and encouraging to see. Personally, I lost my father last year, and he was pretty much the epitome of what a father should be. I learned so much from him over the years, and a lot of it was just by example. Our Father’s Days were always full of love and appreciation. My favorite was a few years ago where we just sat on the back deck, drank coffee, and he told me stories of his life. It was one of the best days ever.

So if you’re wondering what to get your dad, there are always lots of lists of what to get dad for his big day. Most fathers never ask for anything, leaving kids baffled about what to get. But we wanted to know. If we asked some fathers what they REALLY wanted for Father’s Day, what would they say? Are they looking for handmade gifts, breakfast in bed, a break? Let’s find out.

  • Ramiro Torres - Father of Five

    Hot 96.9 radio personality Ramiro Torres is the father of five children.

    What does he want for Father’s Day?

    This picture is what I really want for Fathers Day. All of us together, period. Getting everyone together gets harder as my kids get older and are starting to create their own lives.
    I LOVE the fact that they’re doing that, but at the same time it makes getting everyone together more of a challenge. So I really come to cherish those little moments. That’s the only gift I want. And maybe some Amazon gift cards…

    What makes Ramiro such a great father?

    From his wife Nicole: “Ramiro is an incredible father to his children because of the way he is always able to step into their imaginations with them and allow them to truly believe in magic! His love for his children is boundless and he has made it clear that his life’s mission is for them to know he loves an supports them no matter what.”

    Family picture of a father and his five kids at the oldest daughter's graduation. She is wearing a burgundy cap and gown. An older brother is top left, then the graduate, other sister with a pink dress and long hair, father in dark pants and light shirt, little boy in a blue jacket and tan pants, and a little girl with a dark blue skirt and light blue shirt.

    Lucas (back left), Lucy (front left), Lily, Calla, Ramiro, and Jax
    Ramiro with his five children at his oldest daughter Lily’s graduation.

  • Leroy Irvin - Father of Four

    Hot 96.9 radio personality, producer, sports reporter Leroy is the father of four.

    What does he want for Father’s Day?

    A simple dinner where at some point everyone expresses how they feel about me as a father. Nothing fancy, no need to buy me any extravagant gifts. Just words from the heart.

    Black family of five. Father (top right) with his three sons and one daughter

    Princess (front) Leroy Jr. (back left), Xavier, Leroy, and Jordan

  • Chris Lambert - Father of Two

    Chris Lambert is a meteorologist for 7News Boston, and the father of two.

    What do you really want for Father’s Day?

    “They’re 6 and 9 years old. I tell them, no fussing, no fighting for the day is all I need. 😂

    I love seeing their handmade cards for me and a great steak on the grill works. I’ll throw one on for my dad too.”

    Man wearing a winter hat and coat, with young daughter in a pink coat with her head on his shoulder, and his young son is behind them with his tongue sticking out.

    Some winter fun with Chris Lambert and kids.

    Picture of a father, his young son, and young daughter sitting at a picnic table eating ice cream

    Chris enjoys some ice cream with his kids.

  • Dave Ducille - Father of One

    Originally from Brockton,  Dave is the father of 5-year-old Sienna.

    What do you really want for Father’s Day?

    “The more I thought about it I just realized I’m fortunate to pretty much have any material thing that I want, my health is good as is my wife and daughters so I came to the conclusion all I really want for fathers day is a snuggle!   Sienna is growing up too fast and we are getting to the age where snuggling up with Daddy isn’t cool but apparently snuggling up with Mama is!  Before we know it she will be a teenager and probably hate both of us but for now just want to enjoy my beautiful not so little girl 4’2″ 5 year old!”

    Father and daughter sitting on a bench holding golf clubs

    Golfing buddies!

    Man in a navy shirt and coral color shorts. Daughter wearing a print dress that matches a piece of her father's shirt

    Dave and Sienna rocking the daddy/daughter outfits

    Father in a Red Sox shirt sits at a table with his smiling daughter

    Man and woman on their knees with a little girl in a red dress between them. A huge 2023 sign in the background

    Dave and his wife celebrate Sienna

  • Trevor Robinson - Father of Two

    Trevor Robinson works at Ratheon and is the father of Tatyana and Kyrie

    What do you really want for Father’s Day?

    “Honestly for Father’s Day the only thing I ever really ask for is a lazy day lol… no chores and gaming all day 😂. Breakfast in bed wouldn’t be a bad idea also.” 🙌🏾😂


    Black man in a Boston Celtic's shirt holding his baby boy and young daughter.

    Trevor on daddy duty with Kyrie and Tatyana

    Rear view of a father holding his baby boy in his arms, and holding his young daughter's hand


  • Charles Barrington II - Father of One

    Charles Barrington II is a Dental Practice Manager, and father of Ariana.

    What do you really want for Father’s Day?

    “On fathers day I would really appreciate to actually celebrate a Father’s day. My daughter Ariana-jade always celebrates me on Mother’s day and then tells me for Father’s Day, ‘Dad you’re all set, I got you on Mother’s Day!’ Showing that again… Father’s Day gets no love.”

    “Honestly, every message or call with ‘I love you and appreciate what you do Dad’ is the best reward for anything I do. Being her father is the best gift I could ever have for Father’s Day. She is my hero, my best friend, my everything. Even when she’s being a pain in the butt, and trying to hook me up with every woman she meets telling me, ‘I don’t want you to die alone.’ You know what… her not telling me that ever again would be a great Fathers Day gift!” 

    Picture of a Black father and his young adult daughter holding up a peace sign.

    Peace from Ariana and dad Charles

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