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There was a very unfortunate event that happened at Gillette Stadium last week at the Patriots/Dolphins game. A 53-year-old fan named Dale Mooney was involved in a fight in the stands, and later died. After a preliminary autopsy, results did not suggest that Mooney suffered a traumatic injury. Instead, a “medical issue” was identified, and further testing is being done. In case you didn’t know, the Patriots and Gillette Stadium, have a Fan Code of Conduct. If you get kicked out for violating the code, you have to complete a Patriots Code of Conduct Class.

The Fan Code of Conduct

Gillette Stadium has this code of conduct and says that they are “committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. Patrons are responsible for their conduct and for the conduct of their guests.” Some of the things prohibited at Gillette:

  • Exhibiting behavior that is unruly, disruptive, irresponsible or illegal in nature.
  • Using offensive language or obscene gestures, including using language or gestures concerning a person’s race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, creed, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or national origin; or instigating, inciting or encouraging a confrontation or physical contact.
  • Interfering with any ongoing event, business activity or the enjoyment of others.
  • Engaging in public intoxication.
  • Verbally or physically harassing any guests or staff.
  • Displaying signs, symbols, or images of a political nature.
  • Declining to promptly return a ball that enters the stands.
  • Failing to follow instructions of security personnel or law enforcement.

Patriots fans and their guests who violate these will be ejected without refund and may also lose ticket privileges for future events.

Alcohol Policy

“Fans who consume alcohol are encouraged to drink responsibly.” From the Gillette Stadium website

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcohol.
  • Each person may purchase no more than two (2) alcoholic beverages at any one time.
  • All alcohol sales will be discontinued in the third quarter of Patriots games.
  • Sales may be discontinued earlier at the discretion of stadium management.
  • Patrons younger than 25 with out of state IDs must visit one of the Guest Services booths for an ID check before purchasing alcohol.

If you are kicked out for violating the Fan Code of Conduct, you will be required to take the Patriots Code of Conduct Class. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

  • Why you need to take it

    A Miami Dolphins fan dressed in a Dolphins Jersey, orange beanie knit hat, pink tutu, and black leggings gets escorted off the field by three police officers.

    If you get kicked out of  Gillette you need to take the class. Otherwise you can’t get back in. The Fan Code of Conduct Class is required of all guests who have been asked to leave the stadium for violations, have been taken into custody by law enforcement, or who seek to be allowed to return to Gillette Stadium and surrounding Patriot Place. 

  • It's going to cost you


    A mans hands holding a credit card in one hand and putting the numbers in on a laptop computer

    The class is going to cost you a whopping $250 dollars! It might make you feel a little better to know that some of that money will go to the HERO campaign. Fifty dollars of that $250 goes directly to the non-profit whose mission is “to prevent drunken driving tragedies by promoting the use of safe and sober designated drivers.”

  • It's 4 hours long

    Person sitting at a desk with head down falling asleep in front of a computer.

    Let me repeat, it is FOUR hours long. That is a lot. Depending on how you feel about it, the class is entirely online. That would definitely work better for me, but let’s be honest, the couch is right there, and the temptation is real!

  • It covers a lot

    Group of six Patiots fans tailgating before a game.

    Here are all the topics that the class covers:

    • Introduction of Course
    • What is Disruptive Fan Behavior
    • Understanding Your Clubs Code of Conduct Policy
    • Review of Stadium/Club Alcohol Policy
    • Education on Stadium Safety Protocols
    • Education and Skills in Diversity and Civility
    • Skills in Game Day Empathy
    • Skills in improving Game Day Communication
    • Skills in Game Day Stress Management
    • Game Day Drinking Can Be Dangerous
    • Re-cap and Review of Stadium policies and Course Content
  • What if I don't do it?

    The outside of Gillette Stadium

    If you’ve been ejected from a game at Gillette, you will have to complete the class if you ever want to go to a game at Gillette ever again. You also would not be allowed into Patriot Place.

  • You get an award at the end

    Robert Kraft excited holding the Lombardi trophy

    If you’re someone that likes rewards, you’ll be happy to know that you get a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the course.

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