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SHIPLEY, WEST YORKSHIRE - MAY 25: A photograph of the mother of Covid-19 victim Dennis Clapham, aged 62, adorns the top of his coffin before his funeral celebration at Guardian Funerals on May 25, 2020 in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Ann Clapham cared for her brother whilst he suffered from ill health at home. He later moved into a care home where he could get the extra help he needed. Dennis and Ann had planned his funeral arrangements two years ago. Guardian Funerals is a family-owned funeral service in Shipley, West Yorkshire, that, like many such providers, has confronted the unique challenges presented by Covid-19. There are new rules for how the deceased are handled and how family members can commemorate the deceased prior to burial or cremation -- restrictions that can make a tough situation even tougher. The home's director, Alison Barrington, is a third-generation undertaker who believes that the pastoral element of being a funeral director is as important to bereaved families as the professional undertaker services that they provide. Alison, who works alongside her husband Daniel and a small team, believes that people are failing to associate the graphs and figures describing the Covid-19 death toll with the human victims of the crisis and the devastating effect it has had on families across the world. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

We’ve seen the photos. Family members felt it was a good idea to put their deceased loved one in situations they were known for. From riding a motorcycle, to being propped up in a nightclub, these are some of the strangest funerals we’ve ever seen. In each situation, the body was put into some interesting positions.