America's MOST Unfaithful City?

What? Who said THAT? Is BOSTON America’s MOST unfaithful city? We are number ONE for potholes. Yes, we are number ONE for clam chowder.  I can’t imagine that our great city is number ONE for cheaters. (No this is not a blog about baseball.)

How Do You Date Nowadays?

I am SO happy that I’m am WAY OUT of the dating scene. No, I do not think I can function today, out there, today. I don’t know how you do it. Over the weekend at Laugh Boston, we saw the hysterical Brad Upton. 

Brad, who has been married for many years shared my sentiment about meeting women: I don’t know what I’d say to a woman in a dating atmosphere. How about, you know what I did today? I cleaned my entire kitchen…and then, I emptied the dishwasher. The crowd ROARED in laughter. It was very relatable. Being married for almost ten years, the quickest way to a woman’s heart is a man that helps around the house.

Dating Apps

With the challenges that many single people have today, like two, sometimes three jobs, making ends meet, it’s not hard to see where young people, or ANY people look, to seek companionship, never mind meeting that perfect someone. Because of 80 plus hour weeks, looking for that special someone could be in ALL the wrong places.

The dating app has compiled a list of the MOST unfaithful cities, using a variety of metrics:

To determine the most unfaithful cities in the nation, we calculated something that we’ve dubbed the Infidelity Index for major U.S. cities. We compared 200 of the largest metro areas across four key dimensions: 1) Relationship Satisfaction, 2) Life Satisfaction, 3) Infidelity Intent, and 4) Affair Activities. For the FULL metrics, click here. 

So, Is BOSTON America’s MOST unfaithful city? Let’s look at the top 24!

  • 24-Little Rock

    Didn’t he work there?

  • 23-Tampa

    Do they want to meet? What are they talking about? “Have you seen that new guy in sales?”

  • 22-BOSTON!!!!

    Our city is NUMBER 22 when it comes to being UNFAITHFUL? “Let’s meet here..”


  • 21-Tacoma

    I partied so hard, I was in a Tacoma COMA.”

  • 20-San Jose

    “I WAS at a SHARKS GAME!! See?”

  • 19-Albuquerque

    Maybe you can date Albuquerque’s Tara Davis Woodhall. She poses with her medal after winning the Women’s Long Jump during the 2023 USATF Indoor Championships at the Albuquerque Convention Center on February 17, 2023 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty.)


  • 18-St. Petersburg

    Meet these athletes at the St. Petersburgh Florida Open!

  • 17-Fort Lauderdale

    I know it’s Spring Break! But you’re the ONLY one.

  • 16-Chicago

    Are you rich? I love Michigan Ave shopping!

  • 15-Cleveland

    Drew Carey is from here. Is he unfaithful? He’s the new Bob Barker!

  • 14-Memphis

    Can I have ONE more chance?

  • 13-Miami

    I was at the World Baseball Classic…..with my…….co-worker! Ya, that it’s.

  • 12-Durham

    The bachelor party was in Durham, not Raleigh…

  • 11-Huntsville

    Honey, the zebra was a friends…


  • 10-Washington-DC

    In comedy we call this a “Call Back.” We call back to a joke made earlier. Namely unfaithful city #24

  • 9-Atlanta

    I was at a Braves game, HONEST…

  • 8-Knoxville, TN

    Is she trying too hard?

  • 7-New York City

    It IS the city that never sleeps….

  • 6-Philadelphia

    Where you go when you just found out you’ve been cheated on. “I’ll take another please.”

  • 5-Nashville

    He’s not unfaithful

  • 4-St Louis

    Where you go when you just found out you’ve been cheated on in St. Louis.

  • 3-Houston, TX

    Houston, we have a problem

  • 2-Fort Worth, TX

    Honey, I’ll be back in 24 hours!!! It’s a short trip…

  • 1-Dallas



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