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Ramiro and his wife Nicole try to do a special date night at least once a month. They’ve done axe-throwing, dinner out, and even stay-home dates where they send the kids away for the night.

This weekend they went to Bluefins in Falmouth and had a great time.

Here’s a little inside look at their date…from Ramiro’s perspective.

  • I'm ready to go. And Nicole...has stuff in the bedroom...

    Picture of an open bedroom door with clothes on the bed

  • And the bathroom

    Bathroom sink with hair products and blow dryer on it

  • The dog's also waiting

    Ramrio's black bernadoodle dog Rocky

  • Might as well catch an hour episode of Yellowstone

    Picture of TV screen showing Yellowstone

  • Almost done!

    Picture of Ramiro's wife Niole wearing a dark grey dress and fixing her hair

  • Ready!!!

    Close up of Ramiro's wife Nicole smiling

  • What should I get?

    Ramiro's wife Nicole reading a menu

  • Sure -

    Picture of three wontons with a brown sauce on a white plate

    Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, Lobster and Kimchee
    Consommé, Red Pepper Oil (Three Per Order)

  • Ok -

    Bowl of mussels with four slices of pita bread on top

    Coconut Red Curry Sauce, Scallions, Naan Bread

  • Of course...

    Bowl of salted edamame

    Black Truffle Sea Salt

  • Why not?

    Black plate with tuna tartare on toasted bread with a side of greens

    Bluefin Tuna, Roasted Garlic Sauce, Artisanal Bread

  • And sushi!!!

    Plate of various pieces of sushi rolls


  • Little bit of coffee and time to go home for dessert 😏 The End.

    Cup of coffee with a side pitcher of cream