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SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 14: A pedestrian passes a wall covered with Apple iPod advertisements July 14, 2005 in San Francisco, California. Shares of Apple Computer surged Thursday after the company reported its best quarterly profit ever. Apple?s net income rose to $320 million, or 37 cents per share, up from the $61 million and 8 cents per share the company reported in the same quarter last year. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Apple has announced it is discontinuing its iPod after 20 years. It is officially the end of an era. The iPod was introduced in 2001 and it officially brought us away from CDs and into the streaming world. The first of a batch of iPod ads started in 2003 and have stuck with us since. The word iconic definitely comes to mind. If you watched TV in the 2000s, you know and remember these ads.

  • U2, “Vertigo” (Ad Launched In 2004)

  • Jet, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (Ad Launched In 2004)

  • Ozomatli, “Saturday Night” (Ad Launched In 2004)

  • Daft Punk, “Technologic” (Ad Launched In 2005)

  • Gorillaz, “Feel Good Inc.” (Ad Launched In 2005)

  • Bob Dylan, “Someday Baby” (Ad Launched In 2006)

  • Feist, “1234” (Ad Launched In 2007)

  • Coldplay, “Viva La Vida” (Ad Launched In 2008)