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BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 21: The Boston city skyline and the starting lien of the 54th Head of the Charles Regatta on October 21, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

When you think of the best cities in the world, does Boston come to your mind? Well according to Time Out’s latest list, it should. Each year, Time Out does a survey and asks around 20,000 people who live in cities all over the world what they think the best city is. There is several criteria that is looked at when coming up with this list. Included is restaurants, bars, nightlife and museums just to name a few. The goal of the list is to give people places to put on their travel bucket lists. There are 53 cities on this year’s list. Where does Boston rank? #29. People describe Boston as a city that has something for everyone. They also stress that it’s better to visit in the summer because the city is very walkable. The swan boats are mentioned as well as a couple of local bars and eateries like Club Cafe. Now that we know Boston has come in at #29, let’s explore the top 13 cities and places for you to add to your travel bucket list this year.

Head of the Charles Regatta

BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 21: The Boston city skyline and the starting lien of the 54th Head of the Charles Regatta on October 21, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

  • #13 Manchester

    It was voted the second friendliest city in the world this year.

  • #12 Madrid

    Mostly ranked because of its food and drink however 95% of responders also noted its culture and art

    47 Best Things to Do in Madrid Right Now

    6. Book a table (if you can) in one of Madrid's Italian restaurants Why go? Fokacha comes to us from César Martín and the Lakasa team, which is already more than enough reason for you to reserve a table as soon as possible.

  • #11 Cape Town

    Ranked high because of a variety of things to do. Things like culture, food, nightlife, mountains and beaches. Can’t say that about too many cities.

    14 Best Things To Do in Cape Town

    From classy beachside cocktails to elite art museums, these are the very best things to do in charming Cape Town.

  • #10 Copenhagen

    Things like hydrofoil bikes, floating saunas, jacuzzis and even kayak bars are what makes Copenhagen a great place to visit especially in the summer. 

    17 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen Right Now

    From world-class art to smørrebrød and all the rest, these are the best things to do in captivating Copenhagen.

  • #9 Montreal

    Positive energy and legendary hospitality are mentioned as to why Montreal is so great. Now is the time to visit because it’s prime festival season.

    39 Best Things to Do in Montreal This Summer

    Our local editors have spent their time handpicking and gathering the best of the best restaurants and chefs together onto one central stage, Time Out Market Montréal.

  • #8 Berlin

    From  walking tours to legendary art shows, Berlin has it all. Traveling to Berlin now is VERY inexpensive, another appeal.

    16 Absolute Best Things to Do in Berlin in 2022

    This neo-Baroque edifice housing the German Bundestag (Parliament) survived wars, Nazis, fire, bombing and the country's division, only to return as a symbol of a new era in German politics.

  • #7 Marrakech

    Morocco’s cultural capital is thriving right now. It is considered a melting pot and since the pandemic has been a great place for new boutiques and restaurants. 

    17 Best Things to Do In Marrakech Right Now

    Ready to explore Morocco's finest? From hammams to souks to palaces, these are the best things to do in Marrakech.

  • #6 Prague

    Quality of life, dining, museums and affordability make Prague a great place to visit.

    26 Best Things to Do in Prague Right Now

    From big-name attractions to obscure beauts, this is our run-down of the very best things to do in Prague right now

  • #5 Amsterdam

    A buzzing social scene that is BIG on inclusivity and diversity is a BIG draw to Amsterdam.

    23 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam Right Now

    The best things to do in Amsterdam cover everything from innovative food to the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House.

  • #4 Glasgow

    It has the world’s first body heated nightclub. Dining and live music are also big draws.

    The absolute best things to in Glasgow

    What is it? The first ever escape room in Glasgow, offering daring visitors a chance to try their luck at break themselves out of the immersive game. There are several escape games to choose from in the city, but Escape Glasgow was the first, having opened its doors in 2014.

  • #3 Medellin

    Nightlife there has been voted the world’s best, not to mention the weather is considered perfect year round.

    Meet the chefs putting Medellín on the culinary map

    Colombia's second city is developing a reputation for gastronomy that pays homage to the country's biodiversity and Indigenous culture So you've probably heard about and salivated over foods from the likes of Mexico, Peru and Argentina. But now's the time for Colombia - and particularly its second city, Medellín - to step into the limelight.

  • #2 Chicago

    Best described as a resilient city and voted the funnest city in the world. Nightlife goes until 4am and 96% of its locals rate Chicago as the best food and drink.

    64 Best Things to Do in Chicago According to Locals in 2022

    We've rounded up the best chefs in the city to join us at Time Out Market Chicago, a culinary and cultural destination in the heart of Fulton Market. The 50,000-square-foot space houses 18 kitchens, three bars and one drop-dead gorgeous rooftop terrace-all spread across three floors.

  • #1 Edinburgh

    Voted best for its architecture, scenic hotspots and the best city to explore on foot.

    The best things to do in Edinburgh

    5. Pay a trip to Leith What is it? The ever-evolving Leith area of Edinburgh - known as the Shore - is fast building a reputation as a cosmopolitan, culturally significant district in its own right. Why go? The historic Leith Theatre has been saved from disrepair and is now a haven for music and theatre lovers throughout the year.