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Dad always encourages me to do whatever i want

If you’re a single dad living in Boston, we have good news for you. Boston actually ranks in the Top 10 of 2023’s best cities to live if you’re a single dad in America. The website researched the 200 biggest cities in the country and determined which ones reigned supreme for juggling the many responsibilities that come with being a single father. The statistics came from 6 categories: affordability, child care, health and education, home and outdoors, work life balance and community support rank.

After looking at the cities in the top 10, we found it interesting that with Boston being #10, it actually ranked toward the bottom in affordability. So while Boston may have scored super high in the other 5 categories, it scored VERY low in the affordability area. Boston also scored low for child care. This means the other categories bumped Boston up higher on the list. One category specifically being work-life balance where Boston landed at #2. Boston was also #19 in community support which is also a great rank. Knowing all of this, it sounds like Boston is considered a great place for single dads in every aspect with the exception of being able to comfortably afford living here.

The other area where Boston scored very well was support groups for single dads. Boston actually ranked #4 for the most support groups for single dads per 10,000 single dads. So, you may not be able to afford living here as a single dad, but rest assured, you’ll be surrounded by other single dads who can’t afford living here either. You can all support each other.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the cities that placed in the top 15 on the list. Just in case you decide you want to move somewhere that’s a little more affordable. And let this be a reminder to everyone, Father’s Day is June 18th.

  • #15 Minneapolis, MN

    Overall score: 51.29, affordability 42, child care rank 115, health and education rank 56, home and outdoors rank 4, work-life balance rank 62 and community support rank 23.

    Twin Cities Dads Group | Meetup

    Twin Cities Dads Group is a community of active and engaged fathers in the Minneapolis/St-Paul metro area. Our goal is to host Meetups several times per month to give our members an opportunity to socialize, have fun, learn, and support each other as we navigate parenthood.

  • #14 Elk Grove, CA

    Overall score: 51.35, affordability 18, child care rank 47, health and education rank 40, home and outdoors rank 103, work-life balance rank 36 and community support rank 148

    Sacramento organization wants to change the stereotype of single fatherhood

    This should go without saying, but fathers are important in a child's life. Statistics show that only 16% of single-parent households are run by single dads.


  • #13 Eugene, OR

    Overall score: 51.74, affordability 182, child care rank 84, health and education rank 25, home and outdoors rank 98, work-life balance rank 4 and community support rank 133.

    2023's Best Cities for Single Dads to Live

    Which cities have the best access to resources for single fathers? Read to explore 2023's Best Cities for Single Dads to Live.

  • #12 Frisco, TX

    Overall score: 52.21, affordability 2, child care rank 2, health and education rank 13, home and outdoors rank 27, work-life balance rank 152 and community support rank 136.

    2 North Texas cities are among the worst in the country for single dads, report says

    More than 200 cities from across the country were studied on a number of metrics, including things like child care costs, the quality of schools and work-life balance.

  • #11 Torrance, CA

    Overall score: 53.63, affordability 32, child care rank 7, health and education rank 9, home and outdoors rank 180, work-life balance rank 16 and community support rank 182.

    Project Fatherhood - Children's Institute Inc.

    Children's Institute Inc. Supports Safe Children, Strong Families, and Healthy Communities!

  • #10 Boston

    Overall score: 54.68, affordability 153, child care rank 140, health and education rank 63, home and outdoors rank 26, work-life balance rank 2 and community support rank 19.

    Single Dad Magic | Succeeding as a Single Parent - BostonMan Magazine

    Genuine Advice on Succeeding as a Single Parent BEING a single parent for the past 10+ years has been an incredible adventure of both highs and lows. And we haven't even reached the teenage years yet! Wish me luck... Here is the thing. I did not set out to be a single dad.

  • #9 Portland, OR

    Overall score: 55.72, affordability 82, child care rank 39, health and education rank 20, home and outdoors rank 65, work-life balance rank 5 and community support rank 47.

    Who We Are

    AngelDads, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Vancouver Washington. Our service is provided free of charge. We believe that if children have the opportunity to have a positive, supportive & encouraging father-figure or mentor in their lives, that many positive things happen: Higher Self-Esteem; Respect Towards Others; Achieve Better Grades; Deal With Life Issues Better.

  • #8 Seattle, WA

    Overall score: 55.78, affordability 82, child care rank 39, health and education rank 20, home and outdoors rank 65, work-life balance rank 5 and community support rank 47.


    DADS is a grassroots, urban, 501(c)(3) that is leading a movement to eradicate the epidemic of absent fathers in urban America. DADS gives fathers hope by walking together in supportive community, helping navigate relational and legal barriers which separate them from their children and families.

  • #7 San Francisco, CA

    Overall score: 56.43, affordability 19, child care rank 20, health and education rank 24, home and outdoors rank 29, work-life balance rank 25 and community support rank 44.

    Resources for Single and Co-Parents in the Bay Area

    Parenting can be as challenging as it is rewarding, and for single parents that's often doubly so.

  • #6 Roseville, CA

    Overall score: 56.96, affordability 11, child care rank 38, health and education rank 8, home and outdoors rank 38, work-life balance rank 42 and community support rank 42.

    Welcome to Center For Fathers and Families

    Strengthening Families, Building Communities

  • #5 Sunnyvale, CA

    Overall score: 57.84, affordability 6, child care rank 8, health and education rank 69, home and outdoors rank 67, work-life balance rank 9 and community support rank 93.

    No Title

    No Description

  • #4 Fremont, CA

    Overall score: 57.88, affordability 9, child care rank 18, health and education rank 27, home and outdoors rank 31, work-life balance rank 19 and community support rank 140.

    Find Single Parent Support Group Events & Groups in Fremont, CA

    Find Single Parent Support Group groups in Fremont, CA to connect with people who share your interests. Join now to attend online or in person events.

  • #3 Naperville, IL

    Overall score: 60.02, affordability 1, child care rank 1, health and education rank 11, home and outdoors rank 1, work-life balance rank 76 and community support rank 20.

    Illinois city named one of the best US cities to live in as a single dad

    A Chicago suburb has been named one of the best U.S. cities to live in if you are a single dad.

  • #2 Irvine, CA

    Overall score: 60.90, affordability 25, child care rank 16, health and education rank 6, home and outdoors rank 36, work-life balance rank 11 and community support rank 3.

    Find Single Dads Events & Groups in Irvine, CA

    Find Single Dads groups in Irvine, CA to connect with people who share your interests. Join now to attend online or in person events.

  • #1 Bellevue, WA

    Overall score: 64.56, affordability 3, child care rank 5, health and education rank 3, home and outdoors rank 21, work-life balance rank 24 and community support rank 6.

    Coaching for Dads | Dads are Vital

    Teens and Parent Coaching Leah Koenig worked with Marlon to launch Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC in 2008, now Bellevue Family Counseling, LLC. Since then Leah has been focusing her time on working with children and teens to help them better manage many of the challenges they face in their developmental years.

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