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CHICAGO - DECEMBER 05: NyQuil cold medicine containing dextromethorphan is offered for sale at a retail store December 05, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. According to reports, between 1999 and 2004 the abuse of over the counter cough medicines, many containing dextromethorphan, has risen 50% a year, mostly among youths. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The latest dangerous Tiktok trend that is now trending on social media: cooking chicken in Nyquil. Several videos on TikTok have gone viral showing people filming themselves sauteing chicken in a pan with the over the counter medicine Nyquil. The U.S. Food and drug Administration issued a statement saying that the trend is gross and dangerous. According to the statement on the FDA’s website, “The challenge sounds silly and unappetizing — and it is but it could also be very unsafe. Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways. Even if you don’t eat the chicken, inhaling the medication’s vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body. It could also hurt your lungs.” They added “Put simply: Someone could take a dangerously high amount of the cough and cold medicine without even realizing it.” They also encouraged parents to “sit down with your children and discuss the dangers of misusing drugs and how social media trends can lead to real, sometimes irreversible, damage.”

Over 1.3 million videos are now circulating on TikTok, so many that Nyquil has been #1 trending on Twitter since yesterday.

There have been several viral TikTok trends over the years that have been deemed dangerous. The “Blackout Challenge,” you’ll remember hit TikTok back in 2021 and it involved users being encouraged to hold their breath until they pass out due to a lack of oxygen. It was responsible for dozens of deaths last year. It caused the CDC to issue warnings about the challenge and inform people how to be able to tell that someone was trying it.

There have been other dangerous TikTok trends over the years. Trends that we wish will never resurface. Here are some of the worst trends that should NEVER go viral again.

  • Blackout Challenge

    Also referred to as the “choking challenge” or the “pass-out challenge,” the “blackout challenge” encourages users to hold their breath until they pass out due to a lack of oxygen.

  • Tide Pod Challenge

    Teenagers were the reported demographic participating in the challenge; they would record themselves chewing and gagging on pods and then daring others to do the same.

  • Gallon Challenge

    The sport of consuming a large amount of milk within a set period of time.


  • Cinnamon Challenge

    The cinnamon challenged involved trying to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without water within sixty seconds.

  • Milk Crate Challenge

    Became viral years ago and it involved stacking milk crates into a structure that resembles a podium, with both sides of the structure functioning as stairs.  People would film themselves trying to walk up them. 

  • Cha Cha Slide Challenge

    This is the challenge that goes along with the song, that includes swerving the car’s steering wheel in whichever direction the lyrics of the song mentions.

  • Penny Challenge

    This involved people plugging a charger halfway into an outlet so that the prongs are exposed. People then take a penny and hold it against the exposed prongs. It usually would result in shocking people.

  • Throw it in the air challenge

    This  involved a group of friends standing in a circle looking down at a cellphone on the ground. Someone would throw an object into the air and the challenge is to not flinch as you watch it fall on your head.

  • Coronavirus challenge

    A challenge that encouraged people to lick items in public. 

  • Scalp popping

    This challenged users to twist a piece of hair on the crown of someone’s head around their fingers and pull upwards, producing a “popping” effect on their scalp.

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