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Forgettable state capitals? If you’ve been out of school long enough, pretty much every state capital is forgettable.


Lucky for me, I’m the dad of a recent high school graduate. That’s my oldest son. My youngest son starts high school in the fall. So state capitals have been part of our family vocabulary for years now. And, depending on which history courses my youngest chooses as he makes his way through these last few grades? We’ll probably be talking about states and their capitals for awhile.


That’s fine by me. For whatever reason, I always found this particular American subject fascinating as a kid. I loved memorizing them, I loved being quizzed on them. I felt the same way about U.S. Presidents. Then, as I got older and learned more about some of the things some U.S. Presidents did, I kind of lost interest. Lots of bad presidents over the years. But Chester A. Arthur had breathtaking muttonchops.


Forgettable State Capitals: Where Do New England’s Rank?

Over at BetMassachusetts, they thought it would be fun and interesting to see which state capitals are the ones that are most commonly forgotten by U.S. citizens. The used Sporkle’s U.S. Capitals quiz, where quiz-takers are given 10 minutes to name all 50 U.S. capital cities, then analyzed the results. I just might have to take that quiz myself!


Looking at the list through the New England lens, here’s what we find. Five of the six capital cities in the region made the top half of the “forgettable” list. And one capital city came in fourth from the bottom. That means it’s the fourth most-recognizable capital city in the U.S. You can probably guess which one that is. Take a look below and see where the other five ranked. And study up on your damn capitals!

  • Connecticut

    State capital: Hartford

    Rank: 17th most-forgettable

  • Maine

    State capital: Augusta

    Rank: 19th most-forgettable

  • Massachusetts

    State capital: Boston

    Rank: 4th most-memorable

  • New Hampshire

    State capital: Concord

    Rank: 2nd most-forgettable

  • Rhode Island

    State capital: Providence

    Rank: 25th most-forgettable

  • Vermont

    State capital: Montpelier

    Rank: 6th most-forgettable

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