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Sex injuries are common. After going on the Getup Crew Facebook page, you saw our listeners have had several accidents during sex including broken penises, broken backs, black eyes, cuts on genitals and more. If you’re like rapper Bobby Shmurda, you had sexy time with a woman with a tongue ring and it scraped your penis. Believe it or not, that’s also common. Here are the most common sex injuries and how to treat them.

  • Vaginal tears

    Pretty simple, when your vagina is bleeding after sex. The treatment: prevent by lubricating first. If it’s a small tear it’ll heal on its own. If it doesn’t heal, see a doctor.

    Vaginal Tears: Common Causes and Effective Treatment

    If you're concerned about experiencing a vaginal tear at birth, you're not alone. This fairly common injury during labor is a concern for many pregnant people. Read on to learn more about what causes vaginal tears and the best ways to prevent and treat them.

  • Carpet burn

    Burns from the carpet can occur due to friction. Here’s how to treat: cool water and antibacterial soap.  

    Rug Burn: Scar, On Back, Picture, Infected, and More

    What is a rug burn? Rug burn is an injury that many people experience at some point in life. You might recall having rug burn after falling on a carpet as a child, or your own children may occasionally end up with a painful rug burn wound.

  • Foreign objects in the vagina

    The two most popular objects that get stuck are tampons and condoms. The best course of action is to wait 10-15 minutes and then use your fingers to try and get them out.

    A Foreign Body in the Vagina

    Some objects are designed for use in a woman's vagina. These include tampons, vaginal suppositories, diaphragms, and medications delivered through the vagina. Others are not intended to be inserted and may be placed there accidentally or intentionally. Doctors refer to objects found in the vagina as "foreign bodies."

  • Back injury

    Sometimes we can get caught in compromising positions where our back gets irritated. Try icing, try heat and when all else fails, take ibuprofen.

    Management of Pain from Back Injuries

    There can be many causes of back pain including accidents, strains, and injuries. Two types of back injury are spondylolisthesis and cervical radiculopathy. Both have their own set of symptoms, causes, and treatments. The spine, or backbone, is made up of a column of 33 bones and tissue extending from the skull to the pelvis.

  • Broken penis

    Yes you fracture a penis if bent the right way. The best course of action here is to see a doctor immediately.

    Penile Fracture: Symptoms, Treatment, Recovery, and More

    Overview A penile fracture is a tear in the tunica albuginea. The tunica albuginea is the rubbery sheath of tissue below the skin that allows the penis to increase in width and length to produce a firm erection. Sometimes the erectile tissue beneath the tunica albuginea also ruptures.

  • Muscle pull

    Any push or pull in the wrong direction can aggravate muscles. The best thing to do is wait a few days while it heals on its own .

    The Basics of Muscle Strains

    Muscle strain, muscle pull, or even a muscle tear refers to damage to a muscle or its attaching tendons. You can put undue pressure on muscles during the course of normal daily activities, with sudden heavy lifting, during sports, or while performing work tasks.