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We all have our favorite moments on the Get Up Crew with Ramiro, Pebbles, & Melissa, but we wanted to see what YOU listened to the most on

We went through the data and found out which segments from the Get Up Crew were the most listened to in 2021, and we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10.

See which ones ranked highest when it comes to most listened to segments from this past year.

  • 10. GetUp Crew: Should I Be Worried? (Friday, 1/15)

    Tony called us up with a situation. His GF is hanging around her ex too much again. Should he feel a certain way about it?

  • 9. GetUp Crew : Naked Disclaimer (Friday,5/14)

    We asked the question do you have a naked disclaimer, example Pebbles has a 3rd nipple, and you can see it on our Instagram page.

  • 8. GetUp Crew : Would You Rather (Friday,9/10)

    Would you rather have 500k or have dinner with a mentor what would you choose.

  • 7. GetUp Crew : Wife Cheating (Wednesday,8/11)

    A listener called us with a issue she doesn’t know what to do with.

  • 6. GetUp Crew: Gone Again (Tuesday, 1/19)

    Our producer is leaving us… again. Did we do something wrong?

  • 5. GetUp Crew : 20th Anniversary Show (Friday,10/29)

    For all our listeners over the past 20 years we appreciate every single one of you! So let’s take a listen back to 20 years of some our greatest moments on the show! 

  • 4. GetUp Crew: Ramiro Has Covid (Monday, 1/4)

    2021 kicks off with much of the same as Ramiro has Covid and is broadcasting from his home. What can go wrong?

  • 3. GetUp Crew : Embarrassing Moment Funeral (Monday,11/1)

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all at a funeral.

  • 2. GetUp Crew: Kyren Avellar, Founder of Kick Connection 21 (Wednesday, 2/10)

    Kyren Avellar @kickconnection21 is heavy in the game when it comes to sneakers. He’s the go to guy for many of your favorite celebrities, and he’s a hometown kid!

  • 1. GetUp Crew : First Caller Of The Day (Wednesday,10/6)

    First Caller of the Day (Mario has a very important job in the National Guard)