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Admit it, there’s still an immature side of you that laughs at dirty jokes.  Those are meant to be dirty. But you know you also laugh at things that sound dirty but aren’t.

For example, there are so many words that make us chuckle inside. Or if you just don’t give a damn, scream laughing out loud.

Caucus (noun) A meeting of the local members of a political party especially to select delegates to a convention or register preferences for candidates running for office

Coxswain (noun) A person who usually steers a ship’s boat and has charge of its crew

Cockamamie (adjective) Trifling; nearly valueless

Fartlek (noun) An athletic training technique, used especially in running, in which periods of intense effort alternate with periods of less strenuous effort in a continuous workout

Masticate (intransitive verb) To chew (food)

Tittle (noun)  The dot on top of the lowercase letters i and j

Shuttlecock (noun) A projectile used in the game of badminton

I could go on for days, but you get the point. Oh wait, I can’t stop. How about some common phrases that sound dirty but aren’t.

“Beat around the bush”

“Low hanging fruit”

“That’s a mouthful”

“Different strokes for different folks”

“Ride em, cowboy!”

“Knock your socks off”

Ok I’ll really stop this time. See! The immaturity is just leaking out of me.

As soon as I found out that there was a place called The Bunghole, I knew there had to be more places in New England that sound dirty, but aren’t out there. And yes. Yes there are. So join me down here in the gutter as we explore New England in a whole new way. Be sure to share with your like, and dirty-minded, friends.

By the way, The Bunghole is a liquor store in Salem, MA.

  • Crotched Mountain

    Oh damn! We missed the Rail Jam. Just keeps getting dirtier. And their Twitter bio? “100 acres of impeccably groomed terrain.”


  • Athol

    A town in Worcester County, Athol was originally called Pequoiag. It’s also home to the Athol/Orange River Rat Race, in which more than 200 canoes compete in a grueling 5.2-mile sprint.

    Athol Daily News

    The Concord Monitor is a Pulitzer Prize winning daily newspaper and website located in the capital city of New Hampshire. The Concord Monitor is Central NH's dominant media with more than 70 percent household penetration. The Monitor is a key source of news and information for Concord, NH.

  • The Knob - Falmouth

    The Knob sits at the tip of land where Quissett Harbor meets Buzzards Bay in Falmouth. It’s popular for taking a nature walk, area wildlife or taking in some spectacular views and sunsets.

    The Knob, Falmouth MA.

    When I first started blogging about the trails I hiked, a friend suggested I do The Knob , a local landmark in Falmouth, a ro...

  • Tap House Grille - New Hampshire

    New England’s Tap House Grille in Hookset, NH. Their website boasts local brews, a from scratch kitchen. They say, “When you enter the Tap House, you’ll find a pub-style atmosphere with a sophisticated twist.”


  • The Mount - Lenox MA

    The Mount (a 50-acre estate) was the seasonal residence of American novelist Edith Wharton from 1902 to 1911. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971. This beautiful location is also a spectacular wedding destination.

  • Woods Hole

    Woods Hole is a town in Falmouth that is the site of several marine science institutions. It’s also where you catch the ferry to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

    Pic ture of a Welcome to Woods Hole sign

  • The Bunghole

    The location that started it all – The Bunghole. This liquor store is located in Salem, MA. Fun Fact: before it was The Bunghole, it was a a funeral parlor. Apparently, the name was proposed by one of the funeral home owner’s family members who was an ordained priest! It also reportedly has a “haunted past” that’s pretty interesting. You can check out more HERE.

    Storefront of The Bunghole Liquor store

  • Bangor, Maine

    Bangor, Maine claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan. Hope so since , it’s the home of a giant 31-foot statue celebrating the legendary woodsman. It was originally going to be called Sunbury, and is the hometown of author Stephen King.


    Incorporated in 1791, Bangor is named for an Irish hymn entitled "Bangor," said to be a favorite of pastor Seth Noble who traveled to Boston with the initial intention of naming the town Sunbury. Until recently, it was generally believed that the earliest record of European exploration was found in the journals of French explorer Samuel de Champlain.

  • Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

    Dixville Notch, New Hampshire has longest continuous record of midnight voting. From Only In Your State: “Since 1960, all of Dixville Notch’s registered voters have gathered at midnight in the Ballot Room at the Balsam to cast their ballots in the presidential primary and general election. The polls are closed as soon as everyone has voted, which sometimes only takes one minute.”

  • Beaver Cove - Maine

    In the 2020 census, the population of Beaver Cove, Maine was 133. If you’re a hiker that likes a challenge, the White Cap Mountain is considered the most popular and difficult trail in Beaver Cove.

    Beaver Cove - Destination Moosehead Lake

    According to the Town of Beaver Cove's website - "Beaver Cove is surrounded by forest on three sides and Moosehead Lake on the other side. We are located on the east side of Moosehead Lake about 6 miles on the east side of the lake.

  • Entering Beverly

    Sarah said, “I live in Beverly, and I giggle whenever I pass the “Entering Beverly” sign….I feel like there’s a whole porno series we could make starring Beverly, Sharon, Lynn, Lawrence!” 🤪

    VIDEO: Welcome to Beverly

    A look at some of the most well-known locations and iconic landmarks in the City of Beverly.

  • Hancock Shaker Village - Pittsfield, MA

    Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA is home of the largest working farm in the Berkshires. It’s also one of America’s most authentic living-history museums and Shaker sites.

    The Oldest Working Farm in the Berkshires Is Reopening Its Baby Animal Area This Week

    Hancock Shaker Village, located on 750 acres across Hancock, Richmond, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts is planning to reopen on June 4 starting with outdoor spaces.

  • The Gay Head Store - Aquinnah MA

    The Gay Head Store in Aquinnah, MA is run by Jay and Missy Smalley with their children, Faith Smalley and Zachary Smalley, who help to run the store. From a great article about the Smalley’s in the MV Times, “having the store up on the Cliffs was not just a matter of serving the town or preserving Aquinnah Wampanoag lands. It held family tradition.”

    The Gay Head Store photos

    Photo of The Gay Head Store - "Welcome to the Gay Head Store" - Aquinnah, MA



  • DB's Golden Banana

    I guess this is one case where the name sounds dirty, and is. Well, that’s if you consider nude dancing dirty. Fun fact: the owner of DB’s Golden Banana, Louis DiBella was also a wholesale fruit vendor. He named the Peabody club to recognize his status as one of the top banana sellers in the area.

    Picture of a business called DB's Golden Banana with cars in the front


  • Dick's - Various locations

    The founder of Dick’s Sporting Goods was Richard Stack, who went by the name of Dick. They have 850 locations across the country.

    20 Things You Didn't Know About Dick's Sporting Goods

    Dick's Sporting Goods is a leading sporting goods retailer. It's one of the more popular places for sportsmen and women to shop when they're looking for

  • Mr. Peepers - Swansea, MA

    Like the sign says, they have Soft AND Hard. Ice Cream cakes are their specialty!

    Mr Peeper's Ice Cream photos

    Photo 6 of 14 for Mr Peeper's Ice Cream - Swansea, MA

  • Woodcock Nature Center - Wilton, CT

    Woodcock Nature center is a non-profit nature center in Wilton, Connecticut. They are dedicated to creative learning and play through nature at any age!

    Woodcock Celebrates 50 Years with a Party - and a Whole New Look - Good Morning Wilton

    Woodcock Nature Center threw a party earlier this month to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The day offered an opportunity for the Woodcock team to introduce its new branding and logo, [...]



  • Hiscock Construction - Fall River, MA

    Hiscock Construction is in Fall River, MA. They serve Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a wide array of home improvement services.

    About Hiscock Construction LLC Fall River MA Home Remodeling

    Learn more about Hiscock Construction LLC. Home remodeling. Guarantees and warranties available. Call for a free estimate on any of our services.

  • Cremeland Drive-In - Manchester, NH

    Cremeland Drive-In is located in Manchester, NH. It opened in 1939 under the name Mimi’s. No, it’s not a movie drive-in. They serve homemade ice cream and other summer favorites like fried seafood and lobster rolls.

    Cremeland Drive In - Manchester, NH

    CREMELAND DRIVE IN, 250 Valley St, Manchester, NH 03103, 32 Photos, Mon - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Tue - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Wed - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Thu - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Fri - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sat - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sun - 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

  • The Golden Nozzle - New England

    The Golden Nozzle Car Wash has over 50 locations in New England, so you never have to look too far to get that car cleaned.

    Golden Nozzle Car Wash photos

    Photo of Golden Nozzle Car Wash - "Golden Nozzle Car Wash" - Springfield, MA

  • The Pink Taco - Boston, MA

    According to their website, “Pink Taco isn’t just another taco joint—it’s sacred ground.” Their menu boasts “soft tacos and stiff drinks.”

    Boston, MA - Pink Taco

    Pink Taco Boston - The rules of this establishment are anti-establishment. Come as you are. Be who you want. Eat and drink as you please.

  • Camel Towing - Not New England, but HAD to include it!

    When I tell you how hard I laughed about this one! Every time I read it, I’m dying!

  • Nut Island - Quincy, MA

    Nut Island in Quincy, MA is a “peninsula which houses a  wastewater pumping station and landscaped park.” It writes itself people!

    Nut Island - Discover Quincy

    Part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, and one of the few accessible by land, this property offers stellar vistas of the Boston skyline and other Harbor Islands. A great place to watch the sunset, this location is popular for walking, picnicking, or fishing from the pier.


  • Pleasure Island - Wakefield, MA (Now closed)

    Pleasure Island was an amusement park in Wakefield, MA. They had a Moby Dick ride, because of course they did. It was founded by William Hawkes, publisher of Child Life magazine, and designed by Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood, a designer of Disneyland. It was once called “The Disneyland of the East,” and there are still “Pleasure Island Road” signs on Interstate 95/Route 128.

    What's the deal with those Pleasure Island Road signs on Route 128 in Wakefield?

    Pleasure Island Road signs near Exit 60 harken back to a long-defunct amusement park once billed as the "Disneyland of the East."

  • Friendly Beaver - New Boston, NH

    The Friendly Beaver is a Campground in New Boston, NH.

    Friendly Beaver Campground

    Description: OPEN YEAR-ROUND. Wooded and open sites, table and fireplaces, water, electric, sewer/dump station/on-site pump-outs, cable, free Wi-fi in the buildings, or $$ at sites. The largest camp store in NH includes wood, ice, ice cream, snacks, and more. Covered pavilion, 2 laundry areas including XL machines. Modern individual restrooms are fully tiled.

  • My Sister's Crawfish - Worcester, MA

    My Sister’s Crawfish is a Vietnamese restaurant in Worcester, MA. And yes, they serve crawfish!

    My Sister's Crawfish II photos

    Photo 2 of 85 for My Sister's Crawfish II - Worcester, MA

  • Daddy's Dairy - Randolph, MA

    Daddy’s Dairy has a few locations, this one is in Randolph. They have ice cream cakes and pies, as well as both hard and soft serve.

    Daddy's Dairy photos

    Photo of Daddy's Dairy - "Outside" - Randolph, MA

  • Karl's Sausage - Peabody, MA

    Karl’s Sausage Kitchen and European Market is located in Peabody. Their famous sausages are made by hand weekly!

    Karl's Sausage Kitchen & European Market photos

    Photo 12 of 36 for Karl's Sausage Kitchen & European Market - Peabody, MA

  • In a Pickle - Waltham, MA

    Pure deliciousness! There are so many things on this menu, it’s hard to decide. I’ve been there many times and have never had a bad meal!

    In A Pickle Restaurant photos

    Photo of In A Pickle Restaurant - "In a Pickle, Waltham" - Waltham, MA

  • Thirsty Beaver - Mass and RI

    The Thirsty Beaver Pub has locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Fun fact: Mick Jagger once went to the location in Charlotte, NC and no one even recognized him!

  • Mianus, CT

    Whether this one is dirty or not is all in the pronunciation! You get it or you don’t.

    Mianus Jokes

    13 Mianus Jokes ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. At find thousands of jokes categorized into thousands of categories.

  • The G-Spot Vintage Shop - Cambridge, MA

    The G-Spot Vintage Shop is in Cambridge and uses the hashtag #slutforvintage



  • Big Wong - Taunton, MA

    Big Wong Restaurant is in Taunton, MA

  • Camp Ramsbottom - Rehoboth, MA

    Is it me or does Camp Ramsbottom sound like the summer camp that Spongebob and crew would go to? Maybe it’s just me.

    Camp Ramsbottom photos

    Photo 1 of 2 for Camp Ramsbottom - Rehoboth, MA



  • Effingham, NH

    I think I need to go just to say I’ve been there and to get a T-shirt.

    Map of Effingham New Hampshire NH

    Map of Effingham, NH, New Hampshire. Free maps of USA towns - printable, unique, stylish, souvenir maps for download now!

  • Cummings Mountain - NH

    I seriously tried to find out some fun facts about Cummings Mountain. I got nothing. Cummings. Mountain. There you go!

    Cummings Mountain NH

    User Login: TrailsNH provides enhanced features when you login. Current NOAA Point Forecast for Cummings Mountain NH closest to the elevation of 2037 feet . See How To Read The TrailsNH Weather Forecast for tips on interacting and reading this forecast.

  • Happy Endings Saloon - Not New England - but too good not to mention

    If you’re headed to Skagway, Alaska, be sure to stop by Happy Endings!

    Happy Endings Saloon | BuyAlaska

    Since the infamous Days of '98, Skagway has boasted a reputation for nightlife like no other destination on the planet. Sometimes rowdy and always fun, Happy Endings Saloon is the only real Skagway saloon that is open year round with a full-service bar, a dozen beers on tap, and the only Corn Hole Arena in the great state of Alaska.


  • Morning Wood Hotel - Not New England but come on!

    The Morning Wood Hotel – Erected in 2006. Hey, it’s on their website!

    There’s definitely something going on in Skagway, Alaska. The Happy Endings Saloon is right next door to the Morning Wood Hotel. Sounds like a partnership made in heaven!

    Picture of the Morning Wood Hotel


  • Try My Nuts - Not New England - but too good not to mention

    Try My Nuts is in Corolla, North Carolina. They have five locations AND Nut of the Month Clubs!

    Nut Of the Month Clubs: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Try My Nuts

    Raise your hand if you're bad at giving gifts. Birthdays and holidays sneak up on you, don't they? It seems like you just finished picking out the perfect gift for your brother's birthday, and then Christmas is suddenly breathing down your neck. We have a solution for you, and it's called the nut of the month club .

    Try My Nuts storefront

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