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Oh, the nostalgia! There are so many snack food from our past that we all wish would come back. Food that as soon as you think about it, brings back memories of your childhood. Old school food that when you think of it, brings a tingle to your body. Whether it’s a snack food, a meal or a drink there are quite a few.

You voted!

We asked our listeners to give us their foods. You said everything from the steak egg and cheese sandwich from McDonald’s, the Arch Deluxe at McDonald’s, “Home Girl chips” and Chico Sticks to Burger King breakfast bowls. There were dozens of entries, but we picked the ones we felt had either multiple entries OR that were the most popular back in the day.

Why take our old school foods?

The question is: why do these companies choose to release these amazing foods, only for us to fall in love with them and then take them away? It happens all the time. Did they do it to create a buzz so people will get all up in arms and demand they be brought back? Were the recipes just too complicated or expensive to make? Whatever the reason, it seems every year a food or a snack that you once loved is no longer available.

GetUp Crew Favs

Let’s take a look at the foods that made out list. We’re going to start with the foods listed by each member of The Getup Crew. And if you want to keep the debate going, head over to The Getup Crew Facebook page and debate under our post. If we missed your favorite, feel free to post it. So now, in no particular order, here are the foods you wish they’d bring back voted on by YOU.

If you want to check out some candy-specific foods that were discontinued, you can check those out HERE.

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  • WWF Ice Cream Bars ~ Ramiro

    “Those mother f**kers were the best ice cream bars I’ve ever had in my life!” ~ Ramiro

  • McDonald’s crispy apple pies ~ Pebbles and Leroy

    “The best way to deliciously burn the roof of your mouth” ~ Pebbles and Leroy

  • Dunkin' OLD SCHOOL apple pies

    Dunkin’ is the best but they are notorious for bringing us amazing snacks, then taking them away. Their current pies are great, but their ORIGINAL apple pies are superior. ~ Melissa

    These are so obscure, I can’t even find a picture of one of them!


  • Burger King Burger Bundles ~ Melissa

    I used to make my mother drive me to the drive thru just to grab me a sleeve of those 3 mini burgers. ~ Melissa

  • Crystal Pepsi ~ Jessica Alder

    “Used to pass it off as water in school” ~ Jessica Alder

  • Jello Pudding Pops ~ Tara Ferazza, Heather Smith

  • Ecto Cooler from Hi-C ~ Katiealex Corneau

  • E.T. Cereal ~ Shauna Connelly

  • Jolt Cola ~ Adam Cirrone

  • New York Seltzers ~ Danielle Donovan Murray

    “NY Seltzers were the bomb in middle school” ~ Danielle Donovan Murray

  • Chocodiles ~ Nancy Fret

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  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese Snack Bars ~ Paul Raymond

  • Kudos Bars ~ Angela Tassie, Liz Stewart,

  • Crispy chicken snack wrap from McDonald's ~ Kailee Dougan

  • Choco Taco ~ Kay Hunt

  • Squirrel Nut caramel candy ~ Danika Baez

    “Squirrel Nut caramel candy, THE BEST CANDY!! 😋Damn I miss them 😩” ~ Danika Baez

    Squirrel Nut Zippers Caramels' Uniqueness Compels

    Denture Danger: 8 Convenience: 10 Novelty: 9 Overall: 7 Squirrel Brands Salted Nut Company began in 1899. It changed hands and it changed locations, but the squirreliness never diminished. The company supplied chewy candies and salted and roasted peanuts to not only the general public of candy lovers, but also to the armed forces.

  • Rice crispy treat cereal ~ Elizabeth Graul

  • Vienetta ice cream cakes ~ Kate Marshall, Mike DiPietro