In a study entitled “The Super Bowl Baby Boom” which looked to rank what states conceive the most babies during the Super Bowl every year – yes, there’s a study for everything – Betway sportsbook (who commissioned the study) uncovered a fun fact about Massachusetts. We collectively conceive the most babies during ______________. I left that blank to build anticipation. Can you guess which holiday fills the blank?

The way they figured out which holidays spawn the most children was quite easy actually: just pick the holiday, go forward about 9 months, take note of the number of births, and move on to the next holiday. It ain’t rocket science but it’s pretty interesting.

So let’s count down the Top 6 Most Baby Conceiving Holidays in Massachusetts – wow, that was definitely not super grammar but you get where we’re going.

Hey, if you’re curious about the Top Baby Names in Massachusetts (and what those names mean), we’ve got you covered there too RIGHT HERE!

  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #6

    Spring Break
    Uhhhh… I didn’t realize Spring Break was a holiday but the study considered it one so I will too in this case. Also, isn’t Spring Break a full week? And it only made #6 just edging out Easter?! Weak.

    Spring Break

  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #5

    Valentine’s Day
    It’s the day of love… and Hallmark cards. I’m kind of surprised this isn’t higher on the list.

    Valentine's Day

  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #4

    4th of July
    Fireworks at #4


  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #3

    This was my immediate pick for #1 because of that magical feeling in the air, however I’m actually much more satisfied with our actual #1.


  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #2

    The rest of Massachusetts obviously doesn’t worry about feeling bloated like I do. Haha

    Thanksgiving foods

  • Massachusetts's Most Baby-Makin' Holidays: #1

    I mean, how Salem of us. I kind of love that we conceive more babies during Halloween than any other holiday. What a great story to tell your friends someday that you were conceived by a Ninja Turtle and Wednesday Addams… or a roll of toilet paper and (insert politician who is comical to you here). Or…. you get the point but here’s a random clown to kill the mood.

    Clowny McGee

  • And the State That Conceives the Most Babies During the Super Bowl Every Year Is......

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