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What are the most polite states is the U.S.? It’s not Massachusetts. WordFinder did the study where they collected Google Trends search data from each state. They looked at the most often searched polite words and phrases. They also looked at the most-searched compliments and terms of endearment.

Slang Compliments

Let’s start with the most-searched slang compliments. These are the words that are the most positive slang terms. Things like: slaps, hits different, understood the assignment, feel ya, etc.

In California, Nevada, Utah, and Michigan, their most positive slang term is “bussin.'” You’ll hear it a lot on TikTok when people are talking about food.

In Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, they’re all about “stoked.” Kansas and Missouri had a similar word in “amped.”

Didn’t know people still used it, but in Colorado, Virginia, Minnesota, and New York, “gucci” is the word of choice.

Love Language

What are the words that people use most when talking about the love in their life. The terms of endearment like: babe, honey, love, and beautiful.

“Darling” was HUGE on the West Coast, including: Washington, California, and Nevada.

In Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, “hottie” was the #1 term of endearment.

Nebraska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Maine prefer “sweetie,” and “sugar” is sweeter in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa.


This looks at the number of searches made in each state of polite terms including: cheers, excuse me, pretty please, and thanks. Ok, let’s get into the most, and least polite states. All I’ll say is, Massachusetts…do better!



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