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Altadena, CA - November 01: Power Ball tickets sold at 7 Stars Liquor on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. (Photo by Dean Musgrove/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)

The Powerball jackpot is approximately $1 Billion for Wednesday night’s jackpot. When the jackpots get this high, many people start to think about what they’d do with that much money. Many say they’d go on vacation, quit their job, buy a house and cars. There are also a larger pool of people who buy tickets because many say they don’t buy them until the jackpot gets this high. Regardless, for those of us who live in Massachusetts, there are a certain number of stores that are considered more lucky than others.

Now, we aren’t saying these particular stores will strike gold again. Although, if they sell winning tickets more than once, there has to be something to that right? What are the actual odds of one store selling super big jackpots multiple times? Either way, we did the research for you and figure if we can help you get a leg up on this next Powerball drawing, we will. And as always, we’ll never ask you for a cut of your winnings (haha).

So before you decide which store you’d like to buy your Powerball ticket for Wednesday’s drawing, why not sit and really think about what you’d do with a billion dollars. Would you take the lump sum? Would you take it over time? Which family members would you help out first? Would you tell people? Would you move FAR away? Would you quit your job? These are all questions we think about when pondering over gigantic jackpots like Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing. Now that you’ve sorted it all out, keep scrolling because these are the stores in Massachusetts that have sold the biggest lottery jackpots. Best of luck to you and whether or not you’re doing quick picks or just guessing, may the odds be in your favor.

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