Wicked Holiday Guide

Wicked Holiday Guide

Ah the nostalgia of Christmases gone by, what was under the tree in your childhood? Did you get any of the top toys of Christmas in 1990?

From the bulky JCPenney wish book, to the Sears catalog, let’s see if you remember some of the top toys from Christmas 1990.

Now this list below is in no particular order, the only criteria is that the toy was one of the most popular during the year 1990.

Check back each weekday as we unleash the top toys of each year of the decade.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1990 - New Kids on the Block Concert Kits

    Who could forget the high-powered fandom of our local Dorchester boys, Joseph, Jonathan, Jordan, Donnie, and Danny. Complete with personal interviews on cassette tape, the concert kits were under the tree for a number of girls in 1990. Bonus was the branded, corded, slimline phone.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1990 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon

    The sewers, the ooze, the pizza! One of the top toys of Christmas in 1990 were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ action figures. There were sewer playsets, plastic ninja weapons, and gnarly vehicles to transport Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello around. It was a safe bet the majority of accessories would be lost somewhere in the house by New Year’s Day.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1990 - My Pretty Ballerina

    I remember by sister getting My Pretty Ballerina, and let’s just say, the “dancing on her toes” gimmick worked a lot better on the television commercial than on the shag rug in the den.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1990 - Batman The Dark Knight Action Figures

    The Dark Knight action figure collection had all sorts of tools and vehicles, and if you were lucky enough, you could collect them all from the Batcopter, BatWing, to the BatJet and the revered Batmobile. Much like the turtles above, most of the accessories would be lost within months, if not weeks somewhere in the basement or bedroom.

  • Top Toys of Christmas 1990 - Dr. Mario on NES

    Mario was a plumber, right? When did he get his medical license? Looking back, using pills prescribed from the guy who runs the “Mushroom Kingdom” might not have been the smartest thing, but the video game was pretty addictive, and was a popular stocking stuffer in 1990.

  • Top Toys of Christmas 1990 - WWF Superstars Action Figures

    Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, Million Dollar Man, Randy Savage, when you weren’t watching WWF wrestling, you were beating the crap out of these action figures with your friends. Firecrackers may or may not have been used with them in later years.

  • Top Toys of Christmas 1990 - Nintendo Game Boy

    While the Nintendo Game Boy actually debuted in 1988, it was still the most popular handheld gaming device for at least another 6 months. Sega’s Game Gear came out in 1991, but not before Game Boy had another Christmas atop the popular list. Remember trying to play it in the back seat of your parents’ car without getting car sick?

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