Wicked Holiday Guide

Ah the nostalgia of Christmases gone by, what was under the tree in your childhood? Did you get any of the top toys of Christmas in 1991?

From the bulky JCPenney wish book, to the Sears catalog, let’s see if you remember some of the top toys from Christmas 1991.

Now this list below is in no particular order, the only criteria is that the toy was one of the most popular during the year 1991.

Check back each weekday as we unleash the top toys of each year of the decade.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - Super Nintendo

    Anyone who went from the 8-bit original Nintendo to the 16-bit Super Nintendo system on Christmas of 1991 was in for a real treat. Plus, the debut of Yoshi was a bonus. What was the best Yoshi? If you said anything but Blue, you may now explain why you’re wrong.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - Technodrome

    It was like a rolling Epcot Center of death and destruction from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but when it showed up under your tree, you forgot just how evil Shredder and Krang were.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - WWF Wrestling Buddies

    In 1990, it was WWF action figures. Fast forward a year, and the Wrestling Buddies line was released, giant plush stuffed wrestlers that you could beat the crap out of. Pour one out for many a broken lamp and vase in living rooms across the nation.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - My Pal 2

    Not sure what happened to My Pal 1, maybe he was lost to the ages. This robot was probably a distant ancestor of Alexa and Furbie. How innocent we were in 1991 when “his nose glows” was considered a technological robotic achievement.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - Pretty Crimp 'n Curl Cabbage Patch Kids

    Well, there was a lot of crimping and crunching when it came to 90s hair, and the Cabbage Patch Kids got in on the trend for Christmas of 1991. Future cosmetologists spent hours of fun, at least until they lost the hair styling tools that came with the dolls.

  • Top Toys of Christmas in 1991 - Swamp Thing Action Figures

    Yes, Captain Planet was the premiere environmental character of the 1990s, but don’t forget Swamp Thing! Hanging out in his bog, along with his man-eating venus fly trap, the

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