Wicked Holiday Guide

Ah the nostalgia of Christmases gone by, what was under the tree in your childhood? Did you get any of the top toys of Christmas in 1993?

From the bulky JCPenney wish book, to the Sears catalog, let’s see if you remember some of the top toys from Christmas 1993.

Now this list below is in no particular order, the only criteria is that the toy was one of the most popular during the year 1993.

Check back each weekday as we unleash the top toys of each year of the decade.

  • Talkboy from Home Alone 2

    “Hi kids, we’re home early!” The Talkboy was THE toy to have after Kevin McCallister used it in Home Alone 2 to make hotel reservations in Manhattan. I never had one, but my cousins did. They got two for Christmas that year, not that I’m still bitter or anything…

  • Nerf Arrowstorm

    War in the neighborhood was never the same after the toy gatling gun that let you fire 6 foam arrows at your friends in rapid succession. Bonus points for the kid who could climb trees and retrieve the errant arrows after they got caught in the branches.

  • Magna Doodle

    Etch-a-Sketch had met its match in the 90s when Magna Doodle made a debut around Christmas 1993. I’m pretty sure our parents only got it for us because it would keep us quiet on the long road trips in the family truckster.

  • Omega Virus

    Remember the Omega Virus? It felt so high-tech in the 90s, what with the speak-n-spell-esque computer voice telling you that the space station was about to explode.

  • Matchbox Motors & Car Wash

    The early 90s were the heyday of Matchbox cars, at least for our generation. Sure, you had dozens of them, but how do you keep them clean? One of the big toys of 1993 was the car wash with “real jets of water” and the high tech salad spinner “spin-dry.”