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There’s a lot of mess on social media these days, but every once in a while, you come across something that gives you hope. So the video was of a man crossing the highway to help a woman who was unconscious in her moving car. The car had gone off the road but was still running. The video ends with the guy running next to the car and viewers having no idea what happened. I put on my investigative hat to find out more about what happened, and here’s what I’ve seen from other posts.

The guy’s name is Adolfo Molina Burgos, and he’s from Lawrence. He was on his way to Logan Airport on 93 and noticed a woman in a car who lost consciousness. He got out of his car and was dodging traffic to try and help her. It seriously looked like something out of a movie.

He was running by the car and trying to open the door to help the woman. He wasn’t able to get in the car, but reports say that police got there 7 minutes later. They were able to break the glass and stop the car. Adolfo then got into his car and left.

What an incredible story! Adolfo Molina Burgos from Lawrence, we’re glad you’re ok and safe, and we salute you for trying to help this woman.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet, as well as reactions to the video.