Is Massachusetts on the list of the weirdest state driving laws? You won’t believe what local lawmakers around the country have approved when it comes to driving regulations. Certainly, while they appear dumb, they were put in place for a reason.

Let’s Ask AAA

NO one knows more about how live on the roads work than AAA:

You see, individual states and towns have their own traffic rules and regulations. The vast majority of these laws are similar from place to place and, most would agree, rules that should indeed be on the books. But every so often there’s a driving law that stands out. Whether it’s oddly specific, mindbogglingly random, painfully archaic or just downright silly, they all can be categorized as bizarre traffic laws.

These Are BIZZARE!

As you will see that some states have laws that involve livestock and roadkill! One state has a driving law regarding Dunkins, and it’s NOT our state! In ONE state, you can’t have dirty tires. In another state, it’s illegal to tie your dog to the roof. Who wrote that law, Clark Griswold? Want to hug while driving? Can’t. Run out of gas? Sorry, against the law.

Want to see more!?

So, buckle up and let’s take a drive through the list of the weirdest state driving laws!

  • Connecticut

  • Maine

  • Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire

    • It’s against the law to inhale car fumes with the intent of inducing euphoria.
  • New Jersey

    • Only in New Jersey is there a statewide ban on drivers pumping their own gas (it’s also prohibited in parts of Oregon).
    • Like in Massachusetts, you can’t drive a horse-drawn sleigh on a highway unless there are a sufficient number of bells attached to the horse’s harness.
  • Rhode Island

    • Section 11-22-11 of Rhode Island law says it’s illegal to ride a horse on a highway for the purpose of racing or testing the speed of the horse. Doing so could cost you $20.
    • You cannot operate a motorized tricycle on a Rhode Island interstate.
  • Alaska

    • In Anchorage, it’s illegal to tie a dog to the roof of a car.
  • Arkansas

    • In Little Rock, it’s against the law to honk your horn after 9 p.m. “at any place where cold drinks and/or sandwiches are served.”
  • California

    • It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle – unless your target is a whale.
    • It can be illegal for a woman to drive while wearing a bathrobe.
  • Colorado

    • It’s illegal to drive in circles in Westminster, or, more specifically, to drive “past a traffic control point three times in the same direction within any three-hour period.”
  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • Iowa

    • In Tiffin, you’re prohibited from throwing stones, bricks, or missiles of any kind into the street – unless you get written permission first.
  • Maryland

    • You cannot use profanity on any street, highway or sidewalk. Doing so will cost you up to $100.
  • Minnesota

  • Missouri

  • Montana

    • It’s illegal to have a sheep in your truck without a chaperone.
    • Don’t let your sprinkler get the street wet in Kalispell – it’s against the law.
  • Nevada

    • Camels are prohibited from walking on public highways.
  • Ohio

  • South Carolina

  • Washington

    • It’s against the law to hug someone while you’re driving.

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