NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 14: Felicia and Gary Foster, who have been married for 19 years, stand before the altar to renew their vows at the Empire State Building Sky Lobby February 14, 2005 in New York City. Since 1994, more than 180 Valentines Day weddings have been performed at the New York City landmark. (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

If you never watched the show, you should. 90 Day Fiancé is fantastic. Watching people struggle with their relationship makes for great television. The show is based on couples who are from different countries and trying to get married within a 90 day period. They apply for a K-1 visa which allows for the couples to be together. The only problem is, they have to get married within 90 days or the foreigner has to leave the country. Once they arrive, they have to determine if they get along and are willing to get married.

The pressure is intense and many of the couples become stressed and fight with each other. Plus, there is a culture clash. Many of the traditions in other countries are not practiced here in the United States. Many times men try to control women which does not go over well. However, it makes for great television.

The Tell All was last night which is the reunion. Which couple will last? Check out my predictions below.


  • Emily & Kobe

    I think this couple can last. If they don’t move to Ohio. Based on the show, Emily takes advantage of her parents.

  • Bini & Ari

    This couple will not make it. Because Ari’s ex-husband will cause a break up. I think Ari still loves him and keeps him around to get back together.

  • Kara and Guillermo,

    They will not make. They argue to much during the show.

  • Shaeeda and Bilal,

    No chance… the relationship started with a lie. He pretended as if he was poor when he wasn’t. That was a dumb move.

  • Mohamed & Yve

    Nope… Because of his culture they won’t last. He will try and control her. I don’t think she can adapt to that type of life style.