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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Buddy the Elf, with the carefree love of life and unconditional belief in all things good, like Santa, has enchanted us since he first appeared on movie screens in 2003.  Whether he was spelling out the four main food groups of elves (candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup) or recounting his travels from the North Pole to NYC (I passed through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops), Buddy the Elf made us feel hopeful. 

He’s since become a holiday fixture in many a home and heart each Christmas. We’ve found 13 Must Haves that would make any fan of Buddy the Elf happy and bright. Only a cotton-headed ninny-muggins would miss out on these fun finds. 

  • ELF Minimal Movie Poster

    I’m a huge fan of Chungkong’s minimalist take on movie posters. His reimagining of the ELF movie poster is beautiful in its simplicity. His print would be a great addition to your home or office décor this season or make the perfect holiday gift. It’s available in sizes starting at 10”x7” to 60”x43”. 

  • Buddy the Elf Snow Globe + Magnets

    This may be one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas I’ve found. The set includes three…YES Three…items emblazoned with our beloved Buddy the Elf.  You’ll snag not only the snow globe but two magnets as well.  I mean you might get so excited you accidentally cram 11 cookies into the VCR. 

  • Waving Buddy the Elf

    This…Is….Awesome!  Talk about spreading Christmas cheer. Even when you find yourself stuck in traffic, you and Buddy will be bringing smiles to all those around you. The decal attaches to the back window while the WiperTags are attached with locking strips. 

  • Bye Buddy Tee

    This gift idea will suit any Buddy the Elf fan to a “t.”  See what I did there?  As Buddy journeyed from the North Pole to NYC he encountered many friends, including the whale featured on this unisex t-shirt. Available in three colors and sizes S to 3XL, it’s a true fun find. 

  • Christmas Cheer Onesie

    Looking for the perfect outfit for Christmas photos of your little one?  Make sure to check out this adorable Buddy theme ensemble that includes onesie, sequin bow headband, tutu diaper cover, and leg warmers! 

  • Buddy the Elf Blanket

    Wrap yourself up in Christmas cheer with this 46”x60” throw blanket featuring Buddy and his iconic “Son of a Nutcracker” phrase.  It’s a great gift idea for kids heading back to college or any movie fan. 

  • Elf Food Group Sweatshirt

    Buddy always seems to remind us that life is sweet and that could be due in part to his diet.  I mean, what kind of dental coverage do elves have? It must be the ultra-premium kind.  This sweatshirt is available in sizes S to 2XL. 

  • Buddy the Elf Wall Decal

    Wake up your walls this holiday season with a splash of Buddy.  This decal is reusable and quite a few extra smaller decals including a snow globe, memorable phrases from the movie.  You can check out photos of how some other folks have used the decals when you click the link. 

  • Santa...I KNOW HIM! Sweatshirt

    This women’s sweatshirt screams that you are just as crazy about Christmas as Buddy.  Available sizes XS to XXL, it may just become your favorite seasonal sweatshirt. 

  • Buddy the Elf Street Sign

    Bring a bit of the magic of Buddy and his unusual culinary choices into your home this year with this decorative aluminum street sign.  Depending on how you’re going to display it, you can get it with or without holes.  Each sign is 18” x 4”. 

  • Inflatable Buddy The Elf

    This year you can take Buddy the Elf with when you hit the open road or the car pool lane at school pick-up with this fun inflatable.  Place this inflatable Buddy in the passenger seat and we bet you’ll get lots of looks and smiles.   

  • Buddy the Elf Kitchen Towel

    This holiday hand towel is bright and cheerful, just like Buddy the Elf.  The towel itself is micro-shear velour front and has a cotton terrycloth back. There are three different “Elf” designs available for you to choose from…or you could just pick them all up. 

  • 6-Pack Of Buddy Cups

    Make your holiday gatherings and event to remember with these super fun 22 oz. reusable plastic cups featuring our favorite elf.  Your 6-cup set includes 2 each of 3 designs of Buddy and some of his hilarious sayings. You could event split up the pack and use them as stocking stuffers. 

  • Dog Shirt Or Hoodie

    Don’t forgot your four-legged friends this holiday season!   Make sure they’re decked out and spreading Christmas cheer with this Buddy quote.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get a hug from a dog?  It’s available in many colors and sizes XS to 6XL so that just about any do can find one to fit them. 

  • Buddy the Elf Earrings

    Carry Buddy around with you in your heart and on your ears all season long with this cute pair of studs from Lisa Lobes Accessories. 

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