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Slasher films like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th not only have massive cult followings but also inspired many a movie franchise. As the spooky season kicks off we’re taking a look at some really cool slasher films and items inspired by them. Check out these 15 items below. 

  • Horror Movie Soy Candles

    If you love scary movies then you’re going to love this. This is the perfect gift for any scary movie fan because you can choose between 9 different bad guys. From Leatherface to Jigsaw to even Chucky, these soy candles come with your favorite horror movie bad guy and in a variety of different scent choices. 

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  • Jason Friday the 13th Gnome

    I just feel like if you love scary movies this makes the perfect piece of fall décor for your home. Heck, it’s probably still perfect all year round. 

    Get It Here From Etsy
  • The “Massacre” Machine

    I actually cackled when I saw this. What an iconic way to depict horror movie baddies. Would you jump into the newly renovated Mystery Machine, AKA the Massacre Machine? 

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  • Halloween Safety: A Sitters Guide Tee

    Another fun Halloween shirt, if you’re looking for something great to wear this October, look no further. We all know it’s usually the babysitter that has the issues in the horror movies right? 

    Get It Now From From Etsy
  • Original Halloween 35mm Film Cells

    This is the perfect find for folks who love the original Halloween movie. These are actual 35mm film cells from the movie that you can have as a piece of décor for your house.  

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  • Horror Movie Stars Tumbler

    Okay, how cool is this tumbler?! It comes in a 20oz and 30oz option and features Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, and Pennywise! 

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  • Horror Movie Character Mug Shots Tee

    Another perfect horror tee. This one includes the main horror movie bad guys as a mugshot. And their inmate numbers? The year their movie was released! 

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  • Michael Myers Kitchen Knife

    I mean this is definitely for the diehard horror movie fan. If you love Halloween then you’re definitely going to want this kitchen knife. This is a real kitchen knife. The image is transferred, painted, then airbrushed a varnish clear coat. 

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  • Horror Movie Earrings

    I love to find a cool piece of handmade jewelry when I do these kinds of lists. These horror movie earrings are that piece! There are so many fun options on here including movies that aren’t even “horror” movies, I’m looking at your Beetlejuice. 

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  • Woodsboro Horror Film Club Tee

    Perfect for fans of the movie Scream, this Woodsboro Horror Film Club tee comes in both a t-shirt and sweatshirt option, and is even available for toddler and infant sizes.

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  • Ghost Face Earrings

    And speaking of Scream, how about a pair of the Ghost Face earrings! 

  • Camp Crystal Lake LED Light

    Friday the 13th fans you’re going to love this LED light. The light features Jason‘s mask rising out of Crystal Lake with the words Camp Crystal Lake underneath it. 

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  • Friday the 13th Mug

    Another great gift and find for Friday the 13th fans. This mug comes in both 11oz and 15oz sizes and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

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  • Elm Street Coffee Shirt

    What a great idea for a Nightmare on Elm Street shirt. This Elm Street Coffee shirt comes in 3 different colors and a wide variety of sizes. 

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  • Leatherface Doll

    Check out this Leatherface doll. Although the creepy factor is still there (because Leatherface, obviously) it’s actually kind of cute too. This is handmade so each doll is uniquely created for the buyer! Perfect for any horror movie fan.  

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