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What'd I Miss? With Pebbles and Leroy

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Pebbles is a co-host on the GetUp Crew morning show on HOT 96.9. Leroy Irvin is the producer of the show. Off the air, they have some pretty fun conversations about the things there’s just not enough time to talk about on the air.

Check out What’d I Miss to hear those conversations about everything from music and movies to relationships and ridiculousness.

Episode 13: My DM's Are A Mess

Today we have a special episode and are talking about just one thing, something personal that Leroy has been going through. He talks about the separation and upcoming divorce after 17 years of marriage, the effect on his kids, and the mess on his phone since making the announcement. Recommendations – What are you reading,…

Episode 12: Iyanla...I mean Leroy...Fix My Life!

On this week's episode: can cleaning out your crap change your life, do men and women want the same thing, and Leroy thinks something may go down at the Super Bowl.  Leroy recommends - Hold the Dark. A suspense, thriller, mystery on Netflix. Pebbles recommends - Amanda Seales HBO comedy show I Be Knowin'

Episode 11: We Want More!

On today’s episode, we talk about losing friends to marriage because Leroy misses his friend, and who are your problematic faves?  Leroy Recommends: Treva Holmes. Local Boston artist who just released his new project Been Ready You Late.  Pebbles Recommends following @RealQaiQai on Instagram and Twitter. Get over the fact that it’s a doll and just follow. You won’t…

Episode 10: R. Kelly is trash!

This week’s episode: what’s your word for 2019, signs are everywhere, and we HAVE to talk about the Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly.  Leroy recommends: The Last OG on Netflix starting Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish.  Pebbles recommends: Challenge yourself to do more things by yourself in 2019.