We use Uber all the time and have met some awesome people. We had great Uber stories and Uber wanted us to share it.


“My Wife And I Were Going Out For Our Anniversary, And Our Driver Couldn’t Have Been Cooler.  Believe It Or Not, He Had A Bottle Of Wine Sent To The Table At The Restaurant!”

Bobby Blaze:

“One Of The Best Ones Was When My Wife Left Her Purse In The Car After Dinner. We Were Already Back At Our Hotel, When I Received A Phone Call From Our Uber Driver, Letting Me Know He Had Made A Special Trip Back To The Hotel To Return It To Her. I Met Him In The Lobby And Thanked Him For Bringing The Purse Bag, Class Act!” 

We want you guys to tell us about your Uber experience. A time when they saved the day, brightened your afternoon, or changed your life. Tell us your story by entering it here. We’ll pick our favorites and read ’em on air.

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