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Idris Elba is in Therapy for His ‘Unhealthy’ Work Habits

Idris Elba recently revealed he turned to therapy after realizing he had developed an "unhealthy habit." According to the Hijack star, Elba sought therapy last year when he realized that being an "absolute workaholic" was taking a massive toll on his well-being. Per the New York Post, Elba, 51, admits, "It’s a lot." The British actor revealed that throughout his therapy sessions, he's been thinking about changing so much that he is "almost to the point of neuropaths being changed and shifting." Rewarding Unhealthy Habits The Wire alum explained that the entertainment industry rewards him "massively" for these "unhealthy habits" he's formed. While seeking help, Elba realized that "nothing extreme is good" and with all things in life, "everything needs balance." Comparing himself to someone that is indifferent about not seeing their family for half a year at a time for a job, Elba said, "I’m in there grinding and making a new family and leave them." He added that those pathways had him thinking he had to adjust. Elba has been married to Canadian model Sabrina Dhowre since 2019. He also has a 21-year-old daughter named Isan from his first marriage. With an introspective viewpoint, Elba also stated that most of our childhood is the root of who we become. He also mentioned that he wants to find activities to help him unwind, though he finds working relaxing. Even his studio is in his house, and he admits to "just love being in here. I’ll open that laptop and be like, 'I don’t know what to make today.'" He adds, "And I’m exhilarated by that and also so relaxed by it." He even gave an example of working ten days straight for a film, complete with "underwater sequences holding my breath for six minutes." Instead of "sitting on the sofa with the family," he'd rather sit in his studio. However, the actor realizes that it's "bad, right?" and knows he has to normalize work not being his only source of relaxation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CvRoxUzs0z9/ [select-gallery gallery_id="638969" syndication_name="the-hottest-celebrity-beards" description="yes"]

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