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This 3-D Crosswalk was a 10 Year Old's Idea!

This 3-D crosswalk is a GENIUS idea.  It exists in Medford and it is all thanks to Isa, a student at Brooks Elementary. She and a classmate spent a long time pitching the idea in an effort to get motorists to slow down. Check out how real this looks:

Second Date Update: First Impression (Wednesday, 4/24)

Randy told us that he went to an amazing house party with Bella. They had a blast but now she won't call him back. He doesn't remember all of the night, which is never good. Let's call Bella and find out what happened....

Drake Talks about "Curse"

Despite initial reports, Drake WAS NOT at the Garden for Game 7 last night HOWEVER he did have something to say about him being labeled a "curse." Drake did attend the Toronto Raptors game where they beat the Magic and won their series. On the way out of the building, Drake was heard saying: "You…

Lil' Bibby's Friend Accidentally Exposes His Cheating

Have you ever accidentally blown up someone's spot? That's what happened to Lil' Bibby.  In a video shared online by DJ Akademik's on Instagram, Bibby is seen talking to a friend on Instagram live. The friend is then seen asking his "are you with your um... uh uh uh." Check out the video below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwkKiNOHKpm/?utm_source=ig_embed