7 Possible Replacements For Wheel Of Fortune When Pat Sajak Retires

Say it ain’t so Pat! Pat Sajak announced on Monday, June 12 that he will be retiring following the end of the next season that starts taping this September. Pat started hosting Wheel of Fortune in 1981 and began hosting the syndicated version of the show in  1983. He was discovered by the late Merv Griffin while doing weather reporting for a TV station in Los Angeles. The Marvelous Merv Merv Griffin new talent when he saw it and he certainly saw a lot of from Pat. He was as quickwitted as a weatherman as he is as the host of Wheel of Fortune. He took a chance by hiring a former weatherman who had never hosted a game show before. But after seeing Pat audition it was cleared to Merv that he found his man. Of course nobody foresaw that 40+ years later he would still be hosting the show at the age of 76. Pat and Vanna Pat and Vanna are part of the American landscape, their chemistry has always been very good. You knew that perhaps they weren’t hanging out together after the show, that they were certainly very friendly with each other and always cordial. And that came across every night. It will be strange watching Wheel of Fortune without Pat Sajak after all these years. We are not sure if Vanna White will continue to be the official letter-turner of the show at this point. It will be very strange to see Vanna host the show without her longtime partner Pat Sajak. The Wheel keeps turning Last year or so when Pat was out for a medical reason, Vanna hosted the  show and did a pretty good job. Of course she doesn’t have Pat’s natural quick wit but who does? Perhaps she will host the show for a while? We feel that the show eventually will have a new host and we have picked 6 potential new hosts for the old show. Pick 6

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