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Salem, Massachusetts is The #2 Spookiest City in America, So Who Beat It?

Salem, Massachusetts has been known worldwide as being one of the spookiest in America. It definitely is, that we do know. Based on the number of visitors from all over the world who travel to Salem every year, it can most certainly be talked about as one of if not THE spookiest in the world. However, it looks like the crown has been taken over by another city. According to the website, Salem is actually the #2 spookiest city in the world. So who's #1? New Orleans! Okay, let's break this down and try to figure out why. Apparently, New Orleans is a big city for ghost hunting. It is considered the most haunted city in America mainly because of several tragedies that have hit the area. According to ghost hunter Elaine:  “Add in all the fires and hurricanes…Yellow fever! And, all the violence throughout the city’s history. New Orleans is such a strange city, it has a different personality that you just can’t find any place else.” There are also several famous cemeteries in New Orleans that make ghost hunting fun for ghost hunting enthusiasts. Other cities in the top 10 of Viator's "spookiest cities in America" include #3 Chicago, #4 Savannah, #5 Boston, #6 Charleston, #7 Louisville, #8 St. Augustine, #9 Key West and #10 Nashville.  According to the site, in regards to Boston: "As the capital of one of the founding states in the US, Boston naturally has a bloody, eerie history, and if there’s one thing Bostonians love to do, it’s tell ghost stories in the pub." Not sure we agree with this list. We'd love for you to take a look at this photo gallery from a recent visit to Salem which is the absolute best city to visit in October. From the annual Haunted Happenings Grand Parade, to all of the events and locations that commemorate the Salem Witch Trials, Salem is the absolute essence of spooky. Keep scrolling for our photo gallery from a recent visit to Salem, Massachusetts.